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Parent Input Wanted

It’s that time of the year when we need you to help us prepare for next school year.

The  Georgetown teachers have already begun the important work of creating class lists for the next school year.  We thoughtfully and carefully place students according to:

  • Learning style of student compared to teaching style of teachers.
  • Academic achievement:  We strive to balance classrooms with a range of learning levels.
  • Relationships with other students:  If there are students who do not work well together due to personality conflicts and/or behavioral issues we will look at the benefit of separating these students.
  • Special needs:  Speech, reading, resource support, health related issues.
  • Behavioral/emotional characteristics and management style of each classroom teacher.
  • The personality characteristics of the student compared to that of the teacher.
  • Boy/girl ratio.

We would like to have your input regarding your child’s needs. Complete this confidential Parent Survey for Classlists 2012-13.  If you have more than one child, you will need to complete this for EACH CHILD.

The survey will be closed on May 1.  

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