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Missad’s Visit Dayton

Hot Tub Time
The Missad’s didn’t travel far, but did head South to Dayton, Ohio.  We were visiting the kids Grandpa and “Linda” (my mom died in ’04 and Dad remarried a year ago).  They don’t call her Grandma, but she’s a wonderful role model for them to have in their lives.  It was our first visit there, and we all had a “blast”.  We went to the National Air Force Museum in Dayton, home of Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the Wright brothers.  The kids were really amazed at the planes…and bombs.  They also enjoyed LOTS of time in the hot tub, which we didn’t keep to hot (they used it more like a pool), colored Easter eggs and had an early Easter egg hunt.  We cooked out, enjoyed making smores, and even got a little sunburned 🙂
We are sharing some pictures from the museum, the second one is the kids in front of a replica of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and the plane that dropped it.
By the way, you really got them good with the April Fools joke.  We read it to them as we were putting them to bed, their reaction…priceless!  🙂


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