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News Flash: 5th Grade Parents


Band, Choir, and Orchestra

Your child has the opportunity to be in the 6th grade music program next year. This is a very exciting opportunity for your student as they enter the middle school. All 6th grade students may participate in band, choir, or orchestra and each class is during the school day. The band, choir, and orchestra programs are continuous, providing opportunities for performance in school ensembles through middle and high school. Learning to perform music and belonging to a school music ensemble can open up a whole new world of friendships and fun. The opportunities for playing an instrument or singing after graduation from high school are abundant, with many colleges and universities offering scholarships for participation in music classes.

Your student attended a concert of the current 6th grade music groups and heard a presentation from the music teachers. In addition, your student also took a music test that will help us determine with which instrument they will be most successful. If your student would like to be in choir the only thing they need to do is sign up for choir on their class selection sheet that they will receive from the counselors. If your student would like to be in band or orchestra please read the following information.

We will be coming to each elementary the week of April 9th to fit the students to make sure they can be successful on the instrument they would like to play. Parent/Student Meetings are Wednesday, April 18 at Baldwin Street Middle School and Thursday, April 19 at Riley Street Middle School. Both meetings will be the same and begin at 7:00P.M. in the cafeteria. Please pick ONE meeting to come to. There will be a presentation of the music program for parents. If you wish to rent an instrument you may do so following the brief meeting. Rental prices range from $25-$45 for the introductory period, $25-$35 per month there after, depending on the type of instrument. Please understand, you are free to secure an instrument from whatever source you choose, however, we do recommend rental to start. Many students also find wonderful instruments that friends or relatives already own! Be sure to ask around and have one of us approve it. We strongly discourage any instrument purchase off the internet. We have had many, many problems with these instruments.

Please make every effort for at least one parent and the student to attend. Additional information will be distributed at the meeting, and it is important for us to know about ALL the students who plan to participate. Please call or e-mail us if your child will be participating and you are unable to attend. This letter is meant to answer any immediate questions, but please do not hesitate to call with other questions. We look forward to meeting each of you!





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