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Guess Who Lost a Tooth?

Milo’s Tooth: 7/10/2012


If you were at open library on Tuesday, you might have seen Milo and his missing tooth.  I brought the tooth in to show everyone.

Isaac, a kindergartener in Mrs. Iwema’s room, told Milo that he had a missing tooth too…and even showed Milo.

Isaac showed Milo his missing tooth…and the one that is loose, too!

I was asked if I was going to put his tooth under a pillow and you know what I said, “OF COURSE!”

What do you think he will get from the Dog Tooth Fairy?  Place your vote here and tomorrow I will let you know what Milo found under his pillow.

Also, I added the photos from today’s library time to the slideshow at the right.  Check them out!  Hope to see you next week Tuesday!

Mrs. Reagan

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