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Annual Report for Our District: Hudsonville

Hudsonville Public Schools Annual Education Report

The Hudsonville Public Schools Annual Education Report (AER) was presented to the Board of Education on September 13, 2012.  The AER is a state requirement for all districts and consists of the following information:

•  Student Assessment Data

•  AYP Status

•  Teacher Qualification Data

•  Top to Bottom Ranking

•  Process for assigning pupils

•  Status of 3-5 year School Improvement Plans

•  School Data Profile

•  Curriculum maps

•  Attendance rate at parent teacher conferences

•  Dual enrollment (High School only)

•  Advanced Placement courses (High School only)

•  College Equivalent courses  (High School only)

Parents and the community can access this information by clicking on the Annual Education Report tab on our website,  If you have any questions regarding the AER information, please contact the district curriculum office at 616-669-1740 extension 4.

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