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I know that many of you are following the tragedy in Connecticut.  As you know, I am forever thinking about the audience as I speak and write — and as a result, struggle to compose a post that is sensitive to readers of all ages.

As I work to come to terms with this sad event, know that I am also working to develop resources to support staff as they receive questions from children and parents next week.  I can assure you that the Georgetown staff will do all that we can to sensitively respond to questions.

I will be guided by an amazing team of administrators and support staff through this process—never do I work alone in this amazing community of educators, parents, teachers and community members.

For those of you who are struggling with how to respond to questions from your children throughout the weekend, I offer resources below– received from our Ottawa County Support Team (OAISD).  I recommend that you read these links carefully and review them so that you can filter through appropriate responses for the age of your children.

Please know that we, at Georgetown, will be focused on keeping our school environment safe and focused on learning–and at the same time be prepared to respond sensitively to questions we receive.  We care deeply about your children and our profession.



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