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Reading Counts WINNERS

Today we honored and celebrated all of the readers in grades 2-5 who participated in reading counts quizzes or book blogs through the year.

Each time the readers made their reading goal, they entered a drawing for a Target Gift Card.  Here are the winners for each class:

  • Mrs. Quigley:  Mary Matwiejczyk
  • Mrs. Greenlund-Sienna Murphy
  • Mrs. Kuieck-Kiara Sullivan
  • Mr. Jurewicz-Jennifer Williams
  • Mrs. Flory-Madelynn Wierda
  • Mrs. VanderStel- Joanna Workman
  • Mrs. McDonald- Rachel Kamer
  • Miss VanArkel- Olivia Scholma
  • Mrs. Huizenga- Aiden Waters-Umfleet
  • Mr. Bowen- Haley Holland
  • Mr. Kooiker- Sarah Spears
  • Mrs. Walenta-Matthew Jonkman
  • Mr. Gort- Ashley Holland
  • Mrs. Burdis-Gerrit Klyn
  • Mr. Bialochowski-Olivia Barr


The class that earned an extra recess with popsicles from Mrs. VandenBerg for the MOST POINTS EARNED FOR READING COUNTS THIS YEAR:  Mrs. Kuieck’s second grade class.

And….all students who made their goals throughout the year (three goal periods) were entered into a drawing for an IPAD MINI.  We had a record 112 students make their goals.

  • The goal winner for this year is…..  MEGAN MARTINEZ in Mrs. Burdis’ Class!  She will take home an IPAD MINI!


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