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boxTops4EducationBetween August and November 1, you saved and submitted 12,026 BOX TOPS! Our school will receive a check for $1,202.60 for this submission.
The chair for this event, Shannon Klein worked with Jamie Brewer, Michelle Burns, Elizabeth Doorenbos, Summer Dykstra, Terri Hagberg, Melissa Heys, Shalyn Jones, Melissa Haveman and Jen Strick to cut precisely, count, categorize by class, box and ship the labels.
Congratulations to Mr. Bowen’s class for bringing in the most:  1,705 Box Tops!  They will receive a fall treat  compliments of the PTC.  They beat Mr. Gort’s class by a slim margin.
Thank you to everyone for your contribution!  Below is a breakdown of the the contribution for each class.
PLEASE keep those BOX TOPS coming.  As you see, these are a simple way for us to bring in money for our school family and learning projects.
box top
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