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Hand to Hand: THANK YOU

hand2handDid you know that we have a Hand2Hand program at Georgetown?  It is run by Georgetown parents who volunteer their time, working closely with Chapel Pointe Church to provide weekly food donations to certain families in our school.  The chair of this program, Shelly Telfor has been instrumental in starting and maintaining this program — and has continued to serve as the lead coordinator long after her children have graduated from Georgetown.  Shelly works closely with a team of volunteers who each week quietly and stealthy deliver bags of food to student lockers — A total of 603 food bags in the past year!


Shelly completed an annual report which outlines the number of families touched by the program.  I am sharing this report with you because it is programs such that exemplify the caring service oriented characteristics of our school community.

Many thanks to Shelly and her team for ALL that they do for our school families.

Mrs. Reagan

Report:  2013 Annual Report for hand2hand



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