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Snow Day Readers ROCK!



The best part of the snow days:  Seeing photos of Georgetown kids READING!  Thank you to parents for encouraging your readers and sending the photos my way.   Mrs. VandenBerg (our super librarian) has added your words to your totals.


I had planned to get another incentive (math) set up and posted today, however, much of my school day included “calendar surgery” to reschedule meetings and teacher observations as well as other odd jobs that are part of being a principal.  Also, the longer I worked with the sunshine coming in the window, the more I thought, “We will be back to normal tomorrow…no worries if I can’t get to this.”  Please, let us be back to normal tomorrow!

For those wondering about how many days we receive before we make up days, the answer is SIX.  Today was day SEVEN.  Our superintendent, Mr. Ceglarek, has been working throughout the day to create a plan to communicate to parents and staff.   Bottom line for all of us who work with kids:  One snow day is magical and romantic, beyond that it is lost instruction time — and we MISS the CHILDREN!

Hoping for normalcy tomorrow,

Mrs. Reagan






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