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Week 22: Four School Days…we hope!

Did you know that the National Weather Service is now naming winter storms?  This began in 2012-13 with an alphabetical pre-determined list of names.  Currently, we are experiencing Maximus (Latin for greatest or largest), to be followed by Nika (Greek Mythology — goddess who personified winning or victory).   Based on the alphabetic naming system, so far this winter we have had 14 winter storms.   Michigan has the great fortune (based on location) to experience winter storms and lake effect snow events.
And…for those of you who have been dying to have a “tale of winter survival” to share when you’re retired, your wish has been granted in the 2013-14 year.
I am hoping that storm NIKA stays away from West Michigan so that we can have a 4 day school week and resume our routines.  Additional snow days will require further adjustments in the school day and/or calendar — so listen up Mother Nature:  “WE ARE DONE WITH WINTER.”
Our school events are below.  Please visit your child’s class blog to learn about classroom based events and activities. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  Please drive safely and stay warm.
Mrs. Reagan
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