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Week 31: Warmer Weather Ahead

butterflyYes…temperatures between 50• and 70• is warmer…and I am thrilled to see those temperatures projections in the 8 day forecast!  

The butterfly on the left was created by Emma Czarnowski, a kindergartener in Ms. Yankee’s class.  Emma’s butterfly is brightening the Early Childhood hallway along with 89 other kindergarten butterflies.  Many thanks to the artists and their art teacher, Mrs. Persch, for reminding us what we have to look forward too as the days get warmer.

Behind the scenes preparations are going on for our ALL SCHOOL JUST WRITE CELEBRATION (May 12-16).  Just Write is a celebration of all the writing our students have done this school year.  It will be a time that parents, friends, grandparents and other special people in your lives can tour the building to read pieces of writing on display by every single writer in the building.  More will be coming about this event…but if you have not gotten the tour date down for your child’s grade, check out the dates below.

jw tours
Many other events will be scheduled and shared as the school year winds up to wind down.  Please be sure to follow this blog and your child’s class blog for details.
Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter weekend.
Mrs. Reagan




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