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Perfect Day for a POOL PARTY

Today was the day that seven students left school to play in the pool at the principal’s house!  These seven students were the top winners for our 2014 PTC SPONSORED WALKATHON.  They waited patiently through an extra long winter to earn this day and it was worth every minute of the waiting.

Once we arrived to the pool, we lathered up with sunscreen, ate a healthy lunch of JET’s PIZZA  and SUBWAY and then we SWAM and SPLASHED.  This was followed by a cookie break (in the pool of course) which was followed by more swimming, jumping and diving.  This wore us out, so we needed an ice cream break — and yes, we ate our ice cream in the pool.

We arrived back to school shortly before the dismissal bus rang feeling refreshed and sun kissed after our day at the pool.

Thank you to Lauren Burgess (2x winner), Jackson Burgess, Sheyla Plummer (5x winner), Ava Burlison (2x winner) Leah Burlison, Bryce Counts and Isabelle Swiercz.  Many thanks to our PTC for sponsoring yet another great event!

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