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Winning Readers at Georgetown!

Today we are celebrating all of the readers in grades 2-5 who participated in Reading Counts through quizzes, book blogs and RAZZ kids this year.  Each time readers made their reading goal, their names were entered into a drawing for a Target Gift Card and ONE IPAD MINI.  So here are the winning readers………

  • Mrs. Greenlund—–Caleb VanderLugt

  • Mrs. Kuieck—–Kamryn Brewer

  • Mrs. Quigley—–Milena Sremba

  • Mrs. Ray—–Jae Vanderbeek

  • Mrs. Flory—–Jayda Kerns

  • Mrs. McDonald—–Talia Delinck

  • Ms. VanArkel—–Kaycie Lawrence

  • Ms. VanderStel—–Nicholas Weiss

  • Mr. Bowen—–Harrison Jones

  • Mrs. Huizenga—–Ava Ham

  • Mr. Kooiker—–Ryan Gharajanloo

  • Mrs. Walenta—–Aidan Dandurand

  • Mr. Bialochowski—–August VanDam

  • Mrs. Burdis—–Hannah Applebee

  • Mr. Gort—–Greydan Overweg


WINNER OF THE IPAD MINI:  Elizabeth White in Mrs. Kuieck’s class.



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