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Safety and Security are Important

drillPractice is a part of school procedures for learning math, reading, spelling, science and social studies.  We also practice social strategies for problem solving with peers in the classroom and on the playground.  Understanding and practicing the procedures for safety and security are also a part of our school routines throughout the year.

This past week, we ran drills (practices) for tornado, fire and lockdown.  For each of these drills, the teachers show their students the expectations and I also walk them through the required behaviors over the intercom prior to the drill.  State law requires that we run 5 fire drills, 2 tornado drills and 3 lockdown drills per year.  With three completed, we have 7 more scheduled October through May.

Our goal is to help staff and students practice these procedures often enough that in the case of an emergency, the procedures are automatic for us.   If you are in the building during a drill, you will become part of the practice.  We expect all adults present to go through the procedures with us.

Please contact me if you ever have questions about the drills.

Mrs. Reagan


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