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Week 19: Winners of the Annual Hockey Tournament

Field hockey

Every year (for the past 8), teachers compete against the top fifth grade pillow polo teams (aka indoor field hockey). The game has remained unchanged largely for the past eight years (location, rules, time periods, energetic 5th graders). The game changer each year:  The staff are getting older.  We play the entire 40 minutes with a new set of 5th graders coming at us every three minutes.  And…trust me, these 5th graders become more athletic and competitive each year.

BUT….we did it!  We beat them with the odds stacked against us.  The final score was 5 (Teachers) vs 2 (5th grade students.)   Don’t tell them that we spent most of Friday night moaning as we walked up steps and reaching for basic household items!

AND….It’s official….we’re getting back into our post holiday school routine!  Post holiday school routines involve tasks like:

  1. How to get everything to fit in your locker.  Goal:  No winter clothes on the floor and door closed).
  2. How to stay healthy.  Goal:  Wash hands after bathroom, before eating and use wipes to clean off desk and classroom common areas (handles, keyboards, etc.) once per week.
  3. School Snow Rules are different from Home Snow Rules:  Snowballs and sliding on ice are for home play (with parent permission) not school play.  Why?  One hundred children on the playground throwing snowballs and sliding on ice is not safe.   They are fewer kids at home and it is less likely to get out of control.
  4. Working together as a team is one of the most important skills we learn at school.

Some other important details to keep in mind for the weeks ahead:

Current leaders of the GAGA PIT Contest:  First Place- Mrs. Walenta Gr 5; Second Place- Mrs. Bohl Gr K; Third Place- Ms. Yankee K; Fourth Place -Mrs. Flory; Fifth Place – Mr. Kooiker 4.  We have one more week to GO…and we are half way to the goal.  The class that brings in the most money is first into the GAGA PIT!  One week to go…

BOX TOPS are DUE:  FEBRUARY 6.  Many many thanks to Michelle Burns for all the work she does to collect, count and submit these box tops!

Check your calendar to make sure you changed the NO SCHOOL DAY to MARCH 9 on your personal calendar.  It was originally March 6 (Friday) changed to March 9 (Monday).

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan




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