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JUST WRITE 2015 – Mark Your Calendars!

Our big end of the year celebration writing celebration will be the final week of school, June 1 & 2.

just writeWe originally had this schedule for May, however the State of tests for Grade 3-5 take place April-May.  

If you are new to the celebration, here’s the scoop:  WE FILL THE BUILDING and THE CLASSROOMS with the best writing from our year.  Every teacher will hold a celebration in their classroom and you will be able to see writing progression from grades PK-5 throughout the hallways.  Grades 3,4,5 will be held on Monday June 1 (times coming soon).  Grades Pk-2 will be held on June 2 (times coming soon).  To get a sample of the flavor of our celebrations, visit last year’s post.   

Personally and professionally, writing is the most complex cognitive task that our learners engage in daily. The ability to write serves as the key to so much that lies ahead in our children’s futures. Throughout the year, our students become comfortable with expressing their words through writing. We feel it holds so much value that it’s worthy of a celebration.  




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