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Our First Week of School • 2016-17

straubWelcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

Every weekend, I will post a snapshot of the week ahead — informing you of special events and much more.

The school calendar (events for the entire year) is on the sidebar to the right.  A snapshot of the events this week are below…and you can see that there are no big events because our focus on all the routines and relationships that go into becoming a Georgetown school family that WORKS Hard and LEARNS Well and BEING Nice to all the staff and students that work together.

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Some important details for the first day:

  1.  Supervision will be on the playground at 8:30 am.  If you drive your child to school, do not arrive before this time.  The first bell rings at 8:45.  This is the time that we will make sure the all children are in line and head into school.  The first few days this takes time.  We want to make sure we have all the children and build the routine of lining up.
  2. If you are driving your child to school and staying for photos, walk them to the appropriate playground.  Do not go into the building — we want all children in their line up spots.
  3. If you are a car driver everyday, build a routine for dropping your child off and shirtwatching them walk to their playground.  Children do not go through the building, they walk around the building to play and then line up.  ALSO…DO NOT DROP OFF IN the BUS LOOP.  This is for busses only.  Don’t even do a sneaky quick drop off there…model following rules for your child, please.
  4. Teachers will be holding their classroom sign and this will help all the children to know where their line up spot is for everyday.
  5. All staff will be wearing a gray shirt with a logo on Tuesday.  If you or your child has questions, find anyone with this shirt (image inserted above).
  6. BE PATIENT with transportation home.  If your child rides the bus, it will take longer than normal.  If your child is a car rider, park the car and come into the lobby — and matching up may take longer than normal.

Finally, enjoy this photo video of our open houses.  It was wonderful to welcome everyone to school…new faces and familiar!

Here’s to a great first week of school!

Mrs. Reagan

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