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Celebrating Walk•A•Thon Winners!

This week we honored the top walk•a•thon winners!  Pictured above are the top earners for each grade. I had a pizza lunch with Olivia, Bentley, Paxon, Haleigh, Tyler and Isabel.

Mrs. Greenlund’s class (top earning class in the building) had their LIMO ride to PIZZA RANCH.  This video shows the fun times from the beginning of the ride at school, to the restaurant and back.

And, finally, the top earners for our building were honored with a party at Hudsonville Lanes.  Mr. Doug Boomsma, the owner, makes our bowling trip extra special with pizza, ice cream, candy and of course, bowling.  Please check out the photo video below.  The photos were taken by the children who passed the camera for truly candid moments.

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