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For grades 2-5, Mrs. VandenBerg (our librarian) set a reading goal for students (fall and then again winter).   Each time a student made their independent Reading Counts goal, they were entered into a drawing for a $25 Target gift card.  One PERSON was drawn for the big prize:  SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET.  The drawing took place today and the winners are listed below:

  • 2nd Bast  –     Toby Holland
  • 2nd Kuieck    Faith VandeGutche
  • 2nd Suttorp –  Lauren Lozon
  • 2nd Yankee  – Rowan Phillips
  • 3rd Burdis –    Jayden Rodriguez
  • 3rd Flory –      Kaelyn Berens
  • 3rd VanArkel – Morgan Snider
  • 3rd VanderStel – Kingston Santana
  • 4th Estefan –    Ainslee Tomaszewski
  • 4th Greenland – Kellan Gainey
  • 4th Huizenga – Benji Brynelsen
  • 4th Kooiker –   Harrison Phillips
  • 5th Ball –       Eliana Geerts
  • 5th Chmura – Jessica Mead
  • 5th Cooley –  Lexi Armstrong
  • 5th Walenta -Grace Olson

Our Grand Prize winner this year is Amelia Elders – SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET and CASE!

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