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Week 6: Oct 1-5, 2018

This past Friday, we also had our first POPCORN FRIDAY (thank you for your donations and the parent volunteers who popped and distributed).  The same day, we had the EAGLE SUPER FANS get us fired up for the Homecoming Game.  Some photos of this event are above.

We continue to work on building routines for learning, playing, eating and problem solving together.  This past week, we completed another Lockdown/Evacuation practice.  We had 100 students on different playgrounds and they practice moving to safe locations out of site from the building.  The remainder of us were inside, and we practice moving to internal safe building locations — quickly and quietly — doors locked and everyone calm.  In addition, we practice another fire drill.  On both occasions we had parent volunteers in the building, and they participated in the drills with us.

Looking ahead:  This is one of the most important weeks of the year for our district and our school.  Wednesday, October 3 is COUNT DAY for the public schools in the state of Michigan.  This is one of two days per year that determine how much state money schools receive.   Currently, Hudsonville Public receives $7,631 per student.  Please make sure your child attends school on Wednesday so that our district receives funding for your child this year.

Friday, October 5 is our school WALKATHON.  This is sponsored by the PTC (Parents, Teachers and Children)…and it is our ONLY fundraiser for our school.  The money raised funds learning incentives, online learning programs and parent/child events throughout the year.  Our goal is to raise $30.00 per child to support our extra programs at school. PLEASE donate and join us for our Lovin’ the 80’s Walkathon!

Finally, before we get to the week ahead snap shot, I need to ask all parents to take a peek at the growing LOST items in our Lost  & Found.  It’s getting cooler…and we several sweatshirts that I would love to get back to you and your children!  Look at the Lost Collage Collection under the week ahead snapshot.

Enjoy your weekend…and here’s to another great week with your children!

Mrs. Reagan



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