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ONLY ONE YOU … A Very Special Wall!

In the middle of our building, between the office and the rotunda…across from the library, we have a very special wall.   This wall holds 4×6 inch black/white photos of every student and staff member at Georgetown.

This past week, I put up the final photos — which means that there are 630 photos on the wall!  Throughout the fall, I take an individual photo of every person in our school and post them in small batches each week.  The first groups to go up are kindergarten and fifth, then first followed by second, third and finally fourth graders.

Taking the photos allows me to intentionally connect with each and every child–every year. Over the years, I notice how their personality evolves — and how much they grow up!  When the photos are developed, I label them with the child’s name, teacher and grade — which is another way for me to interact with each child — appreciating their beautiful features and individuality.

As I put them up on the wall, I interact a third time — and this is when I usually practice their name, grade and teacher name — a strategy I use to rehearse everyone’s name (first and last) as well as their teacher.  It’s important for me to know where their grade and room too.

I also organize the photos on our school SMUGMUG site — and permits me to cross check all students on the wall. Rather than standing in front of the board, I can access the photos from my laptop at home!   A more accurate and more comfortable way to make sure I have all the children.

At the top is a slide show of all of our students.  The photos are randomly organized — a nine minute mash-up of all our K-5 unique, individual and just right learners.  I have also created individual grade level slide shows.  You can access each of those below.

And…again…thank you for sharing your beautiful children with me…and our school.  It is tremendous privilege to work with each child — and it is my greatest joy and honor to be the principal of Georgetown Elementary.

Finally, as you head into your holiday celebrations, I wish you a wonderful time of connections with close family, extended family as well as friends from near and far.

Mrs. Reagan


Grade 1  •  ONLY ONE YOU

Grade 2  •  ONLY ONE YOU

Grade 3  •  ONLY ONE YOU

Grade 4  •  ONLY ONE YOU

Grade 5  •  ONLY ONE YOU


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