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Week 21: Jan 28-Feb 1, 2019

I hope everyone is making the best of this winter weekend.  For snow lovers, you are in your HAPPY PLACE!  For those who spring/summer fans, I hope you have a cup of tea or coffee or cocoa PLUS a cozy, warm spot to relax.

As we look ahead to next week, keep the following in mind:

If the temperatures fall below zero, we will keep the children INSIDE.  Sometimes the day can begin with below freezing temps and end with zero or above.  If the temps go to zero or above, we will bundle the kids up and take them out to play.


If you have ever spent a full day in one room with 25+ children who are working hard to learn, share and be nice you realize that time to play and move is critical for healthy group dynamics.  We want the children to get fresh air, burn energy through movement and play with their friends.

Remember that next week is an early release Friday, followed by a weekend and two days off for winter break.  Thanks to the weather forecast, the break will feel WINTRY indeed.

Enjoy your weekend….and here’s to my HOPE for school EVERYDAY next week!

Mrs. Reagan





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