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Week 22: Feb 6•7•8, 2019

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Welcome back from an UNEXPECTEDLY long winter break!  I have been in education for 30+ years and have never experienced 6 snow days in a ROW.  My father (a former GRPS teacher) retells stories of the January ’78 storm that closed schools for several days.  I would have been a 10th grader and recall just three memories:

  1. Drifted snow that took over the ice rink in our front yard — and prevented all car travel.
  2. Industrious friends with sleds or, even better snowmobiles delivering groceries to homes:  We received a delivery that included items like milk, bread, lunch meat, cereal and according to the kids NOT ENOUGH SNACKS.
  3. Endless ridiculous arguments with my five siblings  — me being a primary instigator — sorry Mom & Dad!

Here’s hoping that snow days are behind us and we are back into our regular  schedule with the occasional complaints about Michigan winter.  (FINGERS CROSSED)

We have a three-day week ahead.  We recognize that re-entry might be challenging for some of our kids, so we will focus on routines and expectations so we can get back to learning together.

On Wednesday, I will announce all the winners for SNOW DAY LEARNING (look for a blog post).

A snapshot of the week is below.  Be sure  to check your child’s class blog for updates related to learning and other events.

Looking forward to seeing your kids in a few days,

Mrs. Reagan (principal who is REALLY DONE with snow days)





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