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Thanks for all your support so far and we have raised an amazing amount already,  $6,493.00.  We also have 206 students registered.

We need 60 more students to register to help us  earn money for our school to buy PE equipment.  Just registering will help us!

The JUMP ROPE for HEART program is now KIDS HEART CHALLENGE.  This is a fundraiser that PE teachers participate in to raise awareness about healthy living, exercise and heart care.  The funds raised are donated to the American Heart Association.  School registration page here.

We have moved to an online registration system to make your money safer.  As PE teachers, we are counting and securing thousands of dollars for this fundraiser.  Legally, we cannot store large sums of money at school — which means we have to take money home — which Mrs. Reagan (Principal) will not allow us to do.

To assure parents that donations are handled safely — and to prevent large sums of money from being stored at school, we have moved online registration.

We know that this creates a challenge for parents — and we understand.  It will take time for us to adjust and we will help everyone through this change.  We ask that you understand that this decision was made to ensure that money is safe — and that we are not putting parent money at risk.

SCAN CHECKS:  Many parents have inquired about the option to scan checks into your child’s account.  This is possible by searching the KIDS HEART CHALLENGE APP for the MOBILE DEPOSIT SCAN.  Both sides of the check are scanned and this amount is loaded to your child’s account.  A Q&A for this is attached to this email.


  • Students will no longer have to turn in an envelope (unless they have a matching gift)!
  • Students /Parents can see the full amount raised via their students online account.
  • E-check donations will be considered the same as an online donations. So if a student gets a $40 check and scans it, they should get Finn, Echo and Ruby!


Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering, PE TEACHERS

FAQ Check Scanning.pdf

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