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Technology and Online Advice for Parenting

More and more we are hearing that students are being unkind to one another after school hours via various online chatting or social media platforms.

When a student tells a teacher that someone in the class or school is making unkind comments, our first question is:  Have you told you parents?  If not, we tell them to do this as soon as they get home — and we also contact the parent to let them know they need to check in with their child.

We want parents to be aware because kids make mistakes using social media, however harmful, hurtful words about another person or sharing inappropriate images is a red flag.  

When a student at school misuses a school device (sharing inappropriate images or sending unkind messages, etc.), it is a violation of the acceptable use policy.   Every student and parent signs this at enrollment.  If this is violate, we have the right to deny the student access to the device.

I would encourage you to develop an acceptable use policy for your own family.   If your child bullies another person or uses the device in an inappropriate way, we hope you require them to delete the message and make an apology — and a consequence you outline as a family in your “family use policy.”

Here is the link to an excellent article about parenting tips for kids and social media.

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