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Welcome New Students!

This year we welcome 21 new students in grades 1-5.    All of them are pictured above.

To help them feel welcome, I take photos of them first….because they get to go on the COUNT ON YOU board in the main hallway (across from Library) FIRST!  By the end of February, every member (staff and students) of our school will be on the COUNT ON YOU BOARD.

The entire staff checks in with our new students regularly to make sure the adjustment to a new school and friends is going well.  It is more than a school change …. these kids are also adjusting to new houses, neighborhoods, towns, states, countries and/or schools.   The Georgetown staff understands — we welcome new friends every single year!

I met with all the new students on Tuesday to share a treat and get to know one another.  It was my favorite part of the day!


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