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Your child will not fall behind. 

Right now is NOT about math facts, reading comprehension and writing fluency.

It’s about humanity, kindness, caring and resilience.

Turn off the TV.  Put your phone down.

Be present right now.

Today focus on WRITING.  Write notes of appreciation to Firefighters, Grocery Suppliers and Workers, Hospital Staff, Doctor’s Offices and MUCH MORE.

WITH your child, write notes to thank people in our own community.  The people who are making sure that we have food, medicine and access to care every day.

If you video your child reading the letter, send it to me via email.  I will put these into a imovie to post and send out to the stores, hospitals as well.  My email:

I made a quick list with links to address…but there are many more to thank.  For this week, commit to writing and mailing one per day with your child.


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