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Spring Break Writing Project

If you’d like to thank the people who are providing essential services, here are some people to write:

     Charlotte’s Appreciation

MAIL CARRIERS:  Put a letter in your mailbox for your mail carrier to read.

UPS and/or FEDEX:  Put a big thank you note on your front door.

GROCERY Delivery:  TIP and an appreciation note.

SANITATION:  Thank you on the trash container.

HOSPITAL STAFF:  On staff member at Spectrum has set up a system for streamlining letters to all the staff (lab techs, therapists custodial staff, food service staff, nurses, physician assistants, doctors).  Use the information below:

Alex Vogt, Emergency Department • 200 Jefferson Ave SE. • Grand Rapids, MI 49503

  1. All letters received will sit for 24+ hours before being handled and sent out.
  2. Tape all letters shut rather than licking.


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