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Week 31 = Week 4

Yes….we are really headed into our fourth week of remote learning and being home ALL. THE. TIME.  (Technically, it’s the 5th week … but I am not counting spring break as a school week).

This week, the teachers and myself are doing our best to set similar expectations for remote learning for each grade.  We must leave wiggle room in these expectations because not all of us have stable wifi for virtual meetings/calls — or time/space for uninterrupted virtual meetings.  I have been kicked off from multiple virtual meetings due to my location / lack of access to stronger broadband.  Many of teachers are parents of young children who always “NEED” something as soon as a virtual meeting begins.  This is a new world for all of us to negotiate and the longer we do this, the more questions (rather than answers) we have!

Behind the scenes, we are working to refund money to parents for the Parent/Child Days Out as well as the funds for 5th grade Camp.  The refunds will be coming. I ask for your patience as we work out the best ways to do this safely and correctly.

Many of you have asked about collecting items from school (gym shoes, personal items in your child’s desk, etc.).   A district wide protocol for this is being developed —- and it will be common across buildings.  We will not execute this until the stay at home order is lifted.  Stay tuned….

In the meantime, STAY HOME and STAY HEALTHY.  Get creative and make a mask to wear.  I used old dresses and shirts and hair ties.   This week, I will ask students to share photos of their homemade masks on a flipgrid!   Why?  Because we are all in this together so we want to protect ourselves and one another!

Also, for some uplifting news during this tough time, check out SOME GOOD NEWS by john Krasinski videos (one below) or Jim Gaffigan’s Home Quarantine videos (one above).

And…I miss the kids and staff terribly.  Working everyday to focus on health and safety to help compensate for missing contact with the people I love so much.  I am a work in progress…that’s for sure!

Air Hugs…Mrs. Reagan


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