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Teacher Appreciation Week!

The PTC wants you to know it’s Teacher Appreciation Week!! Give a shout out to your teacher and show them some virtual love! Post a video or picture of your child’s response and email it to your teacher!
Here are some questions you can ask your kids……..
What do you love most about your teacher?
What do you miss most about seeing your teacher everyday?
What’s the funniest thing your teacher has ever said?
What will you say to your teacher the next time you see them?
Another Idea…Write a Note!
Have your kids write a note of thanks to their teachers. Snap a picture of the note and email it to them.
Our teachers are missing your children so much right now and I’m sure we are missing our children’s teachers too.  Go ahead and send an email of appreciation for their dedication to our children’s learning through this time of online learning.
We cannot wait till we can all be together again soon!
With that said, the teachers want to thank you for stepping along side them and homeschooling with them! It would not be possible without your support so THANK YOU!!!
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