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Appreciation for our Parents who are Teachers and MUCH MORE!



This week, during National Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to express our appreciation to Georgetown parents for the following:

  • Patience with the changing directives for at home learning since March 13.  OMWORD…have we really been doing this since March 13???
  • Understanding and believing us … when we said that we wanted you to do your best … and then let go.
  • Endurance throughout these lessons and this timeline.  None of us knew how long we would be asking you to interpret our lessons and try to teach your own children.
  • Forgiveness when our lessons asked too much of you or made you feel inadequate as a teacher or parent.

We, as teachers, have never felt more lost than we are right now.  Since the school closure (aka COVID19, Pandemic) started, my dream world has been frightening.  The last time I remember dreams of feeling lost and alone were in September 2006 — the first month of school at Georgetown and also the month I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My dreams were vivid, mysterious and unsettling.  My COVID19 dreams are strikingly similar.  I am lost at sea because I can’t be with the children I love so much.  And then, I am reminded that their parents are taking care of them — why was I so worried?  Or, my car won’t start and after searching for the parts to fix my car, I can’t find my car — and then I find out, Mrs. Chmura was waiting for me outside the car parts store.  Thank you, Mrs. Chmura for giving me a ride to school!   

We want you to know we are lost without your children…and at the same time know that they are safe with you.  We trust you are putting compassion and care and love first.  We are so very grateful for all you are doing.  Thank you your support as we virtually teach you so you can teach your children.

Please enjoy this video of appreciation from us to all of you!

xoxo Mrs. Reagan and the Georgetown Teachers

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