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Wow…how odd it feels to tell you that it’s the final week of school when we have been away from the structure of school for 79 days as of today.   Never, ever did I think we would be negotiating distance learning during a global pandemic.  That was not part of any of our 2019-20 school year plans.

Our teachers have worked in shifts this past week to pack up student belongings (personal and learning based) into brown paper bags (*thank you, Meijer & Henry Samaniego).  We have all of the bags set up in alphabetical order, by classroom in the cafeteria.

This week, we’ll help you get your child’s belongings at your schedule date/time (check your Sunday email for your reminder date).

On Friday, between 12:00 and 12:45pm, the staff will be spread out in the bus loop ready to cheer and wave each to each family during a car parade.  We want to celebrate all that we’ve been through together this year — even if it needs to be done at a safe distance.   You and your children mean everything to us and we appreciate all that you have done to support us and your child through this surreal time in our lives.

For those of you who can make it to the parade, please review the entrance and exit that was designed by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department.  The purpose of this traffic flow is to keep the traffic moving smoothly and safely.

The recommended time for families to arrive (by last name) as well as the traffic map are below.

With air hugs and chicken wing bumps,

Mrs. Reagan

A-B @12:00
C-E @ 12:05
F-G @ 12:10
H-J @ 12:15
K-L @ 12:20
M-O @ 12:25
P-R @ 12:30
S-T @ 12:35
U-W @ 12:40
X-Z @ 12:45

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