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Parent Communication

Georgetown Family,

It will be 164 days since we shut down when we welcome students back into the building on August 24, and each day I get more excited about the idea that the kids are almost back!  In talking with teachers and staff this week, they are feeling just as excited and can’t wait to have the “life blood” of the building flowing again…school isn’t school without the kids in the building.

I wanted to share a few more items with you to end the week and plan to share more next week as well.  I spoke in my previous communication about working to split Eagle Virtual communication from general Georgetown communications…I still hope to have that ability, but I heard from many parents that are participating in EV that absolutely want to maintain the communication.  I appreciate that sentiment and want to reemphasize that I consider all of the Georgetown kids to be the Georgetown family regardless of how or where they are receiving instruction this year.  There may be ultra-specific information I send at times to one group or the other, but most will go to both.  We are one Georgetown!

  • Class Lists:  It was my hope that we would be able to get class lists out by the end of last week, but that did not happen.  I assure you that they are ready to go and as soon as we get the green light from the district offices, they will head your way.  Thank you for your patience.

  • Supply Lists:  Normally we would have our individual teachers share out their supply lists by now as you would already be in communication with them.  This year is obviously different.  Each grade level provided me with a supply list for you that they worked on together.  I know many of you have been patiently waiting and your kids want to buy their supplies!  : )

  • Specials Supply List:  Above you will see not only our grade level supply lists, but also a “specials supply list.”  This year, because of restrictions on sharing items, we wanted to provide a “to go” kit for our specials classes.  Our grade level lists should have these items built in.  DO NOT feel the need to duplicate purchases, but we wanted you to see what the students will be bringing with them to art and STEAM (and other classes at times).

  • Transportation Survey:  In an effort to help plan and prepare for pick-up / drop-off I need you to fill out a survey for each of your students to indicate whether your child will be riding the bus, being transported by you (or another parent), or walking to and from school.  This will help us plan as getting students in and out of the building will take a little more planning and help this year on our end.  I’ll send more detailed information on that next week in terms of the when and where to drop off / pick up.

  • Deliveries:  As we discussed in a prior update, visitors into the building will be greatly restricted this year.  Along those same lines, we will not be able to accept and distribute deliveries to classrooms / students.  This was something which was discussed this week at the district level in terms of food deliveries (Grubhub, Jimmy Johns, etc.)  This will probably affect students at the HS/MS level more, but also applies to us so I wanted to make sure you were aware as well.

  • Health Screener:  As we continue and expand our efforts to address students’ social and emotional needs, this fall we will begin the use of a mental health/social-emotional screener. This activity is also a strongly recommended component of the Governor’s Return to School Roadmap. At the elementary level, this universal screener will be conducted daily. The collective information will support our building teams to develop targeted social-emotional lessons. Student-level responses will only be shared with staff and administrators who have an educational interest. The mental health screener is compliant with HIPAA and FERPA, and will include instructions for students to speak to confidentiality and mandated reporting guidelines. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

There will be more communication coming your way next week, including who your child’s teacher will be!  If you have not already, please review the district’s Return to School Parent Handbook as it covers many frequently asked questions.  As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions that you have.

Yours in learning,


Georgetown Elementary Principal

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