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10/2 Update from Mr. Waldie


Hello Georgetown Families!  


I wanted to pass along some information and updates on a few topics for you as we wrap up week number 6!  It’s hard to believe that it’s October already.  Staff and students continue to do amazing things each day at GES.  It’s awesome to see how well the kids have gotten back into the rhythm of the school year and how quickly they are making progress academically and socially after such a long break away from school.  A few items that I wanted to provide information to you about; 


  1. This year for our Fall Celebrations we are looking forward to having parties in our classrooms, much like years past.  Each classroom may look a little different depending upon grade level.  Your child’s teacher will be communicating out about this in the near future.  This year will be slightly different, in a couple of ways.


  • Parents and volunteers will not be able to attend.  (We will miss you!)
  • Snacks can be sent in, but need to be store bought and individually packaged.
  • Games, crafts, and snacks need to be sent in 24 hours in advance (or more). 


Like previous years, we will be welcoming your children to wear costumes, if they wish.  One change this year is that children will be able to wear their costumes to school, and wear them the whole day.  The intent behind this is to limit children gathering in the restrooms to change, and limit the number of children needing assistance from teachers and staff to get into their costumes.  We invite you to send your children in a costume that includes no weapons or gore, and easily allows your child to participate in regular school routines and procedures.  Can they take it off themselves to use the bathroom?  Can they fit in their seat at their desk? Can they go down the slide or sit in the swings?  Can they wear a mask under their “mask”?  Please save bulky, or extravagant costumes for home use, and dress in a fun and simple costume for the school day.  Fall or pumpkin t-shirts are a great alternative as well. 


  1. The 2020 Turkey Trot will carry on, but differently due to the pandemic.  Please see this flyer for details or look for information on the district’s facebook account in the near future as well.  Turkey Trot Flyer 2020 FINAL.pdf


  1. Finally, as you know and have probably read there is a pandemic going on right now.  When you see articles in the paper about schools that have to shut down because of Covid, it’s rarely because of a large outbreak of positive cases with students, but rather due to a shortage of staff after contact tracing or just staff being out in general once the flu season begins to hit.  Schools normally get subs from four pools of people.  First, we have our “die hard” subs that are here whenever we need them.  Each building will typically have a couple of those.  Next, we have our “teachers that are looking for a job still” group.  Young teachers that just graduated and haven’t been hired yet.  This group has been eaten up this year as every school in Ottawa County is also running a virtual school and has filled those teaching positions with what could have been these subs.  Third, you have college students that have enough credits and sub on days they can (according to their schedules).  Many colleges are on semi-lockdown and students are less willing (or able) to sub in schools this year.  Finally, we have many retirees that will come in to sub occasionally as a means to stay connected to the district and kids.  Many of that group are choosing not to sub right now as they may be more vulnerable to the virus and do not want to risk coming into a building with 600 others.  All of this is to say that if you have ever considered being a substitute teacher, have 60+ college credits, and have an inclination to be around a great group of staff and students, please consider registering to be a substitute teacher at  


I would like to once again thank you for the tremendous start to the school year that we’ve had.  I know that every bit of work that we put in here with the kids is matched (and then some) at home by you ensuring that your kids are fed, rested, and the lessons that we teach here being reinforced.  It truly is a team effort both between various groups at school and between school and home in order to provide a quality education for students.  We could not do what we do here for our students without your help and support!  Have a great weekend and Happy October! 


Yours in learning,




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