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Just Write: A Celebration in May

We are in our second year of developing our writing skills–both process and craft.  In May, we will be holding our second annual, We have something to say…JUST WRITE!  Celebration.  For this event, each writer (and this includes staff members) selects a piece of writing to publish professionally.  In addition, we post writing around the building and on our blogs.  There are many other events that take place, and details will be shared as the date draws nearer.  In the meantime, I would like to invite you to visit the stories that were published last May on the site.  Any of these titles can be purchased or downloaded for free. To view our books at the location, simply type Georgetown Elementary into the search area.





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Thanksgiving Picture Books

         You can read mini-versions of these Thanksgiving books by clicking on the “lookybook” eyeballs below. As you click on each page, the page will turn so that you can read the entire book. Enjoy this wonderful link. It was shared with me by Miss Pennington, a Year 2 teacher in Somerset, UK.
Their class blog link: CLASS 2

Mrs. Reagan

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Lunch with Sydney

Today I had the great fortune of lunching with Sydney, a fourth grade student who loves Mr. Burger’s BLT sandwiches!  We left Georgetown at 11:50 and didn’t return until 1:10–so sorry Mr. Gort about the lost instructional time.  While talking and eating, we discovered that we are both sleep walkers — which is more of an adventure for our families than us!  We shared stories about sleep walking, summer vacations, and the trials of living with middle school sisters.  I learned about her cat Sassy (who seems to be part cat and dog) and the possibility that a puppy is on the horizon.  It was a delightful lunch!  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Wieringa for making this possible with your donation to the Grace Thatcher Scholarship Fund.

I have created a new slideshow about my lunch dates.  Sydney requested country music.  Enjoy!


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Lunch with Mrs. Reagan

I have had two wonderful lunches this week and if you know anything about my horrific eating habits during the work week, this is a incredible!

Five Georgetown students were the highest bidders for our Time and Talent Auction.  Winners receive lunch out with the principal, to a local restaurant of their choice.

On Monday, November 17, I ate lunch with Sophie.  She is a second grade student in Mrs. Quigley’s classroom.  If you have not yet met Sophie, you need to look for a strawberry blond girl with twinkling eyes and dimples.  She selected Mr. Burger for lunch!  While she ate her potato soup and crackers, she told me that she likes to play tennis.  Sophie also told me about her upcoming birthday (just 8 days before Christmas) and list of hoped for presents.  I have a birthday near the holidays (7 days after Christmas), so we talked about how great it is to get all those presents so close together!

On Tuesday, November 18, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with a very smart and imaginative first grader named Gerrit.  He selected McDonald’s for lunch, and being a french fry lover, I was thrilled.  While he ate his chicken nuggets and apple dippers, we talked about movies and toys.  Gerrit has convinced me to see Madagascar 2 and reminded me how much fun it can be to play with legos—especially if you have a cool big sister who likes to play with you.  Gerrit shared with me that he wants to be an inventor when he grows up.  Hearing this, I shared a couple of ideas with him hoping that he would remember to call me when he is rich and famous someday!   

To see photos of my first two lunches, just click below:


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Boots, Mittens and Snowpants…Pretty Please!

Please send snowpants, mittens and boots to school with your child on these winter days!  It is wet, cold (brrrrrr…) and windy on our playgrounds.   When I am not at school, I am a mom at home, so I understand how hard it can be to get your child to wear the appropriate winter clothing to school.  If it helps, feel free to use me in the debate with your child about this issue.   Thanks for your help!  Mrs. Reagan

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Vocabulary Work with Mrs. Speidel

Mrs. Speidel, our Speech and Language Pathologist, is working with all teachers to improve our instruction in vocabulary.   Knowing words well will help us improve our comprehension while reading many types of texts and also improve our word choice in writing.  Mrs. Speidel’s work is based on the work of Sara Smith and the Expanding Expression Tool.

This teaching strategy is called, “How well do YOU know a word?”  Teachers are implementing this vocabulary strategy in their classrooms throughout November.  In early December, a baseline assessment will be taken on all students to determine how we should improve our instruction in January.

To view a sample lesson, click on:  VOCABULARY 

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Wintery Weather Has Arrived!

The snow has arrived…and so has the cold!   Please do your very best to make sure that your child has mittens or gloves, hats and other winter clothing to help with warmth during recess periods.

Also, I want to let you know that our sidewalks have many icy spots on days like today.  Mr. Rob (our intrepid custodian) sands and salts all areas beginning each day at 6:30 am.  However, the wind (which is very gusty in our open parking lot) works against this process.  The salt and sand blows, and what has melted refreezes.

Keep this in mind throughout the winter months.  Tread carefully on the sidewalks and know that Mr. Rob does his very best to make it safe.

Be extra careful when walking outside as it is the time of year again,  Icy spots everywhere, I know that I have spoken to Rob and it is really difficult to keep the ice down, as the wind blows through it re-freezes quickly so warn your students to be extra cautious too.

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Georgetown Elementary Wendy’s Nights!

Georgetown Elementary Wendy’s Nights are November 20th; December 18th; January 15th; February 19th; March 19th; April 16th; May 21st

Come have dinner at Wendy’s between 5pm and 7pm!  A percentage of all sales is donated back to the school (includes Dine-in and Drive-Thru).  Invite family and friends for a fun night out!

Meet Wendy – Face Painting – Kid’s Raffle Prizes

Also, double-dip with Wendy’s scrip and earn even more for the school!  Purchase Wendy’s scrip at the school on Fridays between 3:15pm and 4:00pm.

Georgetown Wendy’s – 2215 Port Sheldon Street – Jenison – (616) 662-3394.