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Our Fall Appleseed

Appleseed is our district newsletter.  Each month, Superintendent Nick Ceglarek opens with a message to parents and the community.  This is followed by short articles featuring student learning in our eleven buildings across the district.

Georgetown’s feature article highlights our recycling of plastics and paper.

The Appleseed will be arriving in your advance newspaper this week.  You can also view this edition here:  Appleseed Oct/Nov

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Appleseed Article, Summer 2010 Edition

Our district publishes an all district newsletter five times throughout the school year.  This newsletter is mailed with the Advance newspapers during the publication cycles which allows us to share all we are doing with an audience that is much broader than our own building communities.

This Appleseed communication includes an update from our superintendent (Nicholas Ceglarek) and many highlights about academics, special events and academics throughout the district.  All of our schools use this communication to highlight events that have been shared in our newsletters/blogs within our own buildings.

I will begin posting these on our blog and file them in a category titled, APPLESEED.  You will also be able to find them by typing in the word appleseed into the search bar found on the blog sidebar.

The most recent newsletter can be viewed by clicking on the highlight words below.  Please note that the times for our district open houses are not correct in this publication.

The correct times are as follows:

Grades PK and K:  August 31

All teachers in grades 1st through 5th:

  • September 1, 6:30-7:30 pm.

Appleseed summer 2010

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