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Georgetown has been a hum of activity for the past four weeks.  Mr. Rob, our SUPER custodian and his team of SUPER custodians have cleaned and polished every surface.  They have also been busy moving teachers to new spaces and setting up equipment and furniture for learners of all ages.

During the open houses on Tuesday and Wednesday, visiting children and their families were able to see all the work we have been doing to prepare every single room for the new year.  It was great to see all of you….and truly, we can’t wait to have the building filled with the buzz of learning and friendship again.

New this year:

  • Sensory Motor Room located off the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room)
  • Resource Room located in room 410 (next to the library)
  • C.O.W. = Computers on Wheels (A laptop cart that will move from room to room to support learning through technology)
  • ALL DAY EVERY DAY K with Mrs. Bohl, Mrs. Estefan, Mrs. Iwema and Ms. Yankee
  • School Wide Focus on Hallway Climate:  4 S’s:  Single Lines, Silent Walkers, Still Hands…and hopefully some Smiles
  • School Wide Focus on Anti-Bullying:  BE MORE THAN A BYSTANDER.  Bullying will be defined and strategies for identifying and eliminating bullying will be modeled across all grades.

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Enjoy this video of photos for the week—district staff kick off, teacher training and open houses.

Have a fantastic LABOR DAY and we will see you Tuesday morning.  The opening school bell rings at 8:45 am!

Mrs. Reagan

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OPEN HOUSE: Tuesday and Wednesday

We will be opening our doors to welcome you back to school this week.

If you have a kindergartener, please come to the special Kindergarten Open House on Tuesday between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. There will not be a formal meeting.  This is a time for you to meet the teacher, tour the room and a school bus!

If you have a child enrolled in grades 1-5, please come to our Grade 1-5 Open House on Wednesday between 6:30 and 7:30 pm.

  • Our Parent Club will be stationed in the Rotunda to recruit volunteers for our many activities.
  • Renae Bell, Mom’s in Touch Coordinator, will also be in the Rotunda to answer questions about this program.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to school!  School begins on Tuesday, September 4 for all K-5 students.

Mrs. Reagan

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Are you getting ready…

for school to begin?   The staff at Georgetown Elementary is very busy getting ready for all of YOU!

Please plan to attend one of these open houses:

  • Kindergarten August 28 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Grades 1-5 August 29 6:30-7:30 pm

Parents:  Please get a head start on the HEALTH FORMS if your child needs prescription or over the counter meds at school.  Go to the tab above DATES and FORMS and click on MEDICAL FORMS.  Print these off at home and bring the form to school with the meds.  Be sure to have your doctor sign forms for prescription meds.  We cannot accept medication that is not accompanied by the proper form.

Under this tab you can also find a link to the year long school calendar (vacations, etc.) as well as other important information.

To find out staff emails and phone extensions, visit the ABOUT OUR SCHOOL tab above.  Each teacher has contact information listed on their class blogs which are available along the left sidebar of this blog.

Before you leave, sign up for email updates to the top right.  We communicate all events through the blog and email.  We do not want you to miss out on any information this year.

We are looking forward to seeing you next week during the open houses and on the first day of school, September 4.

School begins at 8:5o each day.  School ends at 3:40 pm each day.

Mrs. Reagan

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Musical Classrooms

The month of July is normally a very quiet month at Georgetown.  This past July proved to be an exception to this trend!  Due to changes in staffing throughout the district, teachers were able to make changes in grade levels and home buildings.

Leaving Georgetown for new adventures are as follows:

  • Mrs. Bouwens, 5th:  She will teach 5th grade at Alward Elementary.
  • Ms. Burmeister, 5th:  She will teach 6th grade science at Baldwin Middle School.
  • Mrs. Jabaay, K:  Maternity/Child Care leave to focus on her three beautiful boys!
  • Mrs. Becky Kok, PK:  She will teach PK at Bauer Elementary.
  • Mrs. Mandy Boes, PK:  She will  teach PK at Alward Elementary.

Grade Changes for the 2012-13 school year:

Joining Georgetown from other buildings:

  • Ms. Mackenzie Yankee:  South resource teacher will teach kindergarten.
  • Ms. Karman Vanderstel:  Bauer 3rd grade teacher will teach 3rd grade.
  • Mrs. Malyn VanKoevering:  Jamestown specialist teacher will teach 1st grade (one year leave for Mrs. Stadt).
  • Mrs. Kylee Katt:  Alward 3rd grade teacher will be one of our resource teachers.
Name Changes:
  • Just one…but so fun to announce:  Miss Chrisman was married this summer and became Mrs. O’Rourke

We are so excited to welcome all of our new staff members…and sad to see our good friends move on.  Mr. Rob (our intrepid custodian) and his team have been busy moving boxes and shelves and more.   Soon we will have everyone settled in so we can welcome all of you back to another fantastic school year.

Mark your calendars for our open houses in late August!  

Mrs. Reagan

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Beach Time with the Gainey Boys

While walking along the beach in Holland on Sunday evening, I spotted a grandfather sitting with twin boys.  As I got closer, I recognized Kellan Gainey, a student in Mrs. VanderPloeg’s class.  Kellan was sitting in the sand listening intently to the waves as they washed to the shore.  Jake sat on his Grandpa Jack’s lap asking about every sound he heard — people walking, sea gulls, sounds of laughter from children jumping in the waves.

Because Kellan and Jake are legally blind, the beach experience is about sounds, textures and smells.   The boys asked about every sound and touch and Grandpa explained each one.  It was one the most tender and beautiful moment I have been blessed to observe in a long time.

Kellan recognized my voice and wanted to know, “Where is Mrs. Van (VanderPloeg)?”  Of course, if the principal is at the beach, the teachers must be there too!  We played in the waves for a little while and then everyone headed home.

Here’s a photo I took of the Gainey boys with Grandpa Jack.  Enjoy!

The Gainey Boys and their Grandpa at Holland State Park


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Support for the Mesman Family

It is with great sadness that I share with you the death of Doug Mesman, father of Connor Mesman.  Connor is a fourth grade student at Georgetown.
Doug will be greatly missed by his wife Darlynn and their only child, Connor.  Visitation will be held at the Cook Funeral Home in Jenison (1889 Baldwin St.) on Monday from 5-8 pm.  A celebration of Doug’s life will be held on Tuesday, 7/17 at 11 am at Fellowship Reformed Church (6610 36th St., Hudsonville, MI 49426).  A second visitation will be held one hour prior to the service.
Expressions of Sympathy can be mailed to:  Darlynn and Connor Mesman, 7568 Hidden Forest DR, Hudsonville MI 49426
Donations to the family for support will be handled through our Georgetown PTC.  All donations will be gifted to Darlynn Mesman who can then determine how best to use the money for support.  If you would like to donate:
  • Make checks payable to Georgetown PTC.
  • Please note on bottom left of check:  Mesman Family.
  •  Mail checks to Georgetown Elementary, 3909 Baldwin St., Hudsonville MI 49426.
If you would like to make a donation directly to Connor’s Educational Fund, this can be done through Lake Michigan Credit Union under the name of Daniel and Brittany Mesman.
Thank you for your support of Connor and Darlynn Mesman.  They will need our love and care now and in the coming months.
Mrs. Reagan, the entire Georgetown staff and Parent Club
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Morning Surprise!

Milo’s pillow with the tooth underneath.

On Tuesday, Milo lost a tooth.  I put it under his pillow to see if he would get something in return from the ‘dog fairy.’

Many of you placed a guess as to what would be left behind in a survey posted on the blog.  Here are the results of the survey:

Bacon Treats were the leading vote getter.

And here is a photo of our happy Milo with the treat he found under his pillow in the morning!

Milo is HAPPY! He loves Beggin’ Bacon Strips!
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Guess Who Lost a Tooth?

Milo’s Tooth: 7/10/2012


If you were at open library on Tuesday, you might have seen Milo and his missing tooth.  I brought the tooth in to show everyone.

Isaac, a kindergartener in Mrs. Iwema’s room, told Milo that he had a missing tooth too…and even showed Milo.

Isaac showed Milo his missing tooth…and the one that is loose, too!

I was asked if I was going to put his tooth under a pillow and you know what I said, “OF COURSE!”

What do you think he will get from the Dog Tooth Fairy?  Place your vote here and tomorrow I will let you know what Milo found under his pillow.

Also, I added the photos from today’s library time to the slideshow at the right.  Check them out!  Hope to see you next week Tuesday!

Mrs. Reagan

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District Calendar: 2012-13

The start of the 2012-13 school year is 8 weeks from today!  To mark this important count down event, I am sharing the 2012-13 district calendar with you.

This calendar will provide the start/end days of the year, vacation days as well as other days off due to teacher trainings.

By clicking the link, the calendar will become a document that you can print or store on your desktop to reference. This can also be found under the tab above: Dates/Forms

12-13 HPS Student Calendar

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