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It’s Spring Break…are you bored?

If you are looking for something to do over spring break, I have an idea for at least 120 minutes of your time off:  Learning!  All students who spends 120 MINUTES or MORE engaged in reading or online learning images(120 total minutes over all the days of break), will be entered into a drawing for a $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD.

Online Options:  MOBYMAX (ALL GRADES), STUDY ISLAND (Gr 3-5), RAZ KIDS (Gr PK-2), MATHFACTSPRO (Gr 1-5).  I set up a contest on MOBYMAX so it is easier to track your minutes.  Simply go to the CONTEST button and you will see an ongoing total of minutes online.

Reading Options: Listen to an audio book or a REAL PERSON READ or  JUST READ on your own.

Did you know that listening to a story stimulates children’s imaginations and emotions, exposes children to rich language patterns, new vocabulary words and a variety of texts?  If you need ideas for great family friendly audio books, check the GEEKMOM / GEEKDAD Blog.  This is a great idea if your child struggles to stay focused reading or if you are in the car traveling.

If you read or listen to a book, enter your total  minutes here.

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It’s Official….SNOW DAY!

snow dayOur first snow day of 2016 is TODAY!

If your are looking for ways to build in some learning time at home, here are a few suggestions:

Math Fact Practice:  Grades 1-5    Spend a few minutes on this site practicing your math facts.  To login, students go to the site, click on student login and type in ges-  and then their name and then their password.

MOBYMAX:  Grades K-5  If you are unsure of your child’s login, email me and I will send it your way.

Study Island:  Grades 2-5 If you are unsure of your child’s login, email me and I will send it your way.

READING:  Have your child read for 10 minutes times their grade level.

READ ALOUD:  Children of all ages benefit from hearing stories read aloud.  This builds listening comprehension which strengthens their ability to understand a story when they do the complex work of reading on their own and processing the meaning.  When you read aloud, you also expose your child to vocabulary that they will be reading in many books.  Hearing a word and learning it’s meaning, helps readers to sound out the word when reading on their own.

PLAY a BOARD GAME or CARDS:  Enjoy the snow day together!  If it’s too cold to play outside, build in time to play a game!

Stay warm at home…and if you have to go out, Drive Safely!

Mrs. Reagan

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TWO WEEK Countdown!

keepcalmIt’s hard for me to remain calm when I am so excited to get the 2015-16 school year rolling!

Mr. Rob, our custodian, has been working throughout the summer with his team (Kesley and Chloe) to prepare the classrooms, hallways and grounds for Georgetown’s tenth year of operation.  (Our official 10 year anniversary is September 2016.)  We opened September 2006 and our building still looks NEW thanks to Mr. Rob, his team and the staff that treat this building with love, respect and care.  We are very proud of our district, building and community and we want everyone to feel this when they enter the grounds of Georgetown.

School begins on September 8 at 8:45 am.  Open Houses are as follows:

  • PK August 31 @ 6:30 pm
  • K September 1 @ 6:30 pm
  • Grades 1-5 September 2 @ 6:30 pm

If you would like to get a head-start on forms for school, read on.

I am looking forward to starting the year….and counting down every day!   See you soon!

Mrs. Reagan


BACKGROUND CHECK:  Must be completed if you attend any events at school (including parties and field trips) and if you volunteer (help in classrooms).  We encourage all parents to complete this at the beginning of the year.  The background check form is now online.

MEDICAL FORMS:  Please complete if you child needs medication at school.  Forms must be submitted with medication.  We cannot take medication without forms.  Also, parents must drop off medications and forms.  DO NOT SEND MEDICATIONS WITH CHILD.

FOOD and OTHER ALLERGIES  If your child has a food related allergy, please inform the teacher and school ASAP.  For allergies that require an EPI PEN, you must send one to school.  We keep two EPI PENS at school for reactions that are not anticipated —  a reaction that occurs with no prior history of the medical condition. We want to keep all children safe.  If your child has a serious food allergy, please inform us, provide the EPI PEN and protocol to follow if there is an emergency.

PARENT CLUB:  We need your help to support learning and family events.  Please complete this survey to show your interest.  Also, we are in need of a CHAIR for BOX TOPS.  This is an activity that can be done at home.  We have a summer incentive for BOX TOPS  meaning the collection this fall should be very efficient! If interested, contact Nancy Patrick:

BLOG SUBSCRIPTIONS Use this time before school begins to get to know the blogs.  While visiting, sign up for email subscriptions to the school blog, your child’s class blog and the district website.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  All students need gym shoes at school.  Send these with your child on the first day — or  drop them off at the open house when you visit.  For more on school supplies, visit your child’s class blog.

VACCINATIONS  If you have not submitted your child’s vaccination record, please do so before school begins.  State law now requires all students to have a vaccination record in order to begin school.  We cannot allow a child to attend school without the vaccination record on file.  If you have not turned in your child’s immunization record or waiver, you will be contacted by the end of this week by our school secretary.  If you are unsure, call your pediatrician to check and see if their child is up to date.  More about vaccinations /immunizations: Information about the vaccination rules.

TURN ON YOUR CHILD’s LEARNING BRAIN  If you child is looking for school preparation activities, consider two important options:

  • Reading 15 minutes per day.  Get that reading brain turned on.  All the learning we do at school is connected to the ability to read.  If your child is a PK or K age student, READ ALOUD.  This is a great way to build vocabulary and interest/curiosity about reading.
  • MOBYMAX  We have a school online account that permits your child to practice reading skills, math skills and more.  To find out more, visit: MOBYMAX SUMMER CHALLENGE   If you do not know your child’s login, email me

WHO is my CHILD’s TEACHER:  Teacher’s for the 2014-15 year were named on all June report cards for children who attended school at Georgetown last year.  If your child is new to Georgetown (PK, K or transfer/move-in) you should have received an email from me when you enrolled.  If you do not know who your child’s teacher is, please contact me:

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Surviving the 2014 Polar Vortex

polar vortexThe extreme cold weather has expanded our vocabulary with words/phrases such as:  polar vortex, drifting, wind chill, accumulation, lake effect, advisory, warning, etc.  While working on this post, I searched for a “I survived t-shirt” and of course a screen printing company has sissiesseized the moment!  Although I do have to say, that I do believe that this t-shirt sums up our state hardiness best.

Even though roads are still extremely slick, I am very hopeful that the conditions improve for tomorrow morning.  I am more than ready to have everyone back to school.

Please PLEASE make sure you send your child to school with ample outdoor clothing.  We will not send the children outdoors for recess if wind chills are below zero — but keep in mind this can change throughout the day.  I want all the children to be protected if they are outdoors — even if walking to and from the busses.

Also, the school will be chilly inside as well.  It will take sometime for our system to catch up and heat all the rooms evenly.   Layers of indoor clothing will be helpful for these cold winter days.

Looking forward to getting the second half of the year started!  Mrs. Reagan




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Read Read Read….

over the holidays!  One great way to read (especially if you were the recipient of an e-reader over the holidays) is to download open libraryfree books from the library (local) or this great online resource:  OPEN LIBRARY.

And, if you or your child prefer to listen to books on your tech device, PLEASE….go ahead and get started.  When your child listens to books on their device, they are building their comprehension skills through listening.  This also exposes them to more vocabulary words which then makes it easier to read the words when encountered in texts.

So….make reading time a priority during your break — either through traditional paper books, e-readers or through audio tech devices.

Happy reading!

Mrs. Reagan

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Manana, Iguana

Have you ever read or listened to the story The Little Red Hen?  Remember how hard the Red Hen works to get everything ready and then all her friends want to take part in the feast, even though they did nothing to help?


Today I had the honor of listening to Keidy and Jada read Manana, Iguana aloud to their friends in Ms. VanArkel’s 3rd grade classroom.  In this story a  hard working Iguana prepares for a fiesta with no help from her friends.  Keidy speaks two languages (something we all admire greatly about her) and she shared this book to help introduce us to Spanish vocabulary in a familiar story.

Keidy and her friend Jada worked together as read aloud partners to share this book with the class…and a lucky principal who stopped in to visit!  Jada and Keidy made a great read aloud team.

Anna Paul Whitford’s Website

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How well do you know a word?


Early this fall, we implemented a common instructional strategy (K-5) for the teaching of vocabulary. When teachers provide direct instruction in the deep understanding of words (vocabulary), students are better prepared to understand the information they hear and read in their studies.  Much of this work was based on the research of Bob Marzano, international curriculum leader in the area of best practice instruction, K-12.

Under the guidance of our speech & language pathologist, Kristina Speidel, we also assessed all students in their understanding of this strategy so that we could make improvements to our instruction.  The data that we collected helped us to identify missing pieces of our instruction, and also helped to move in the direction of small group instruction as a next step.  Beginning this week, small groups of students in each grade will work with teachers to learn additional strategies vocabulary to improve learning in all content areas.  In May, we will re-assess students and create a plan for improving instruction for the 2009-10 school year.

To see a video of the lesson modeled, visit:  VOCABULARY