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The Week Ahead, 11/9/09

Thank you to all parents who attended Parent/Teacher Conferences last week.   We value all that you do to help us raise your child as a learner.    Report cards will arrive home early this week.  It is our hope that the marks and comments on the card reinforce all that was shared at conferences.

Our Book Fair was the most well attended and supported!  Carrie Clark-Berry has organized this event, twice per year, for the past three years.  This was her seven fair, and with the help of her team of volunteers, it was the best event yet.   The ultimate goal of the book fair is to help provide access to books for your home library collection.   The money earned at the book fair goes toward providing books in our library and classrooms.   Many, many thanks to the PTC volunteers who help make this event possible.

A snap shot of the events for our week ahead is below!  Check your child’s classroom calendar for more specific grade/class events.

Have a great week!  Mrs. Reagan


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First Grade ROCKS!

Can I just say this, “THE FIRST GRADERS AT GEORGETOWN ROCK!” I am the luckiest principal in the world because I get to listen to first graders read every week.   For those of you who have forgotten how much brain power it takes to read, try to read to the principal after lunch!

This past week, I had the honor of spending an hour PLUS a few extra minutes teaching Mrs. Stadt’s first grade class. They won the prize for the October Blog Scavenger Hunt. As winners of this most sought after prize, Mrs. Stadt got to work on “teacher stuff” and I got to teach the first graders “principal stuff.”

I picked up Mrs. Stadt’s class after lunch, and while she was looking the other way, we disappeared into a secret location. (My contract does not allow me to disclose this information on the blog.  To find out, you must interview a first grade student from Room 106.)

Once we landed back in the classroom, we got down to very serious work.  We reviewed the principal’s job description which includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  1. Making announcements
  2. Helping kids who are sick
  3. Helping kids who are hurt
  4. Making sure kids are nice (and teacher’s too)
  5. Keeping the building safe
  6. Heating and cooling the school
  7. Buying food for kids to eat
  8. Helping teachers teach
  9. Buying crayons and post it notes
  10. Making calls on the 2-way radio

Once this was done, I demonstrated how the 2-way works -assisted by Mrs. VandenBerg who was in the office.  Each student then received the BEST EVER principal supply kit:  a notepad for lists (principal must have), small post-it notes (memory keepers), washable marker (for the principal who always writes notes on her hand) and a very cool paper clip.

NEXT, each first grader wrote in their very best first grade spelling “IF I WERE THE PRINCIPAL, I WOULD….” I expected responses like “give extra recesses to all the kids”  or  “make no homework the rule”  but instead, these first graders wrote about wanting to BE NICE to others, make sure everyone had food for lunch, and help kids make friends on the playground.  Each one of these students can feel free to list me on their resumes when they apply for their first principal job!

We took our very special writing projects down to the copy room where each child made two copies—one for me and one for them–on our GINORMOUS copy machine. Following this, we headed over to the conference room for an important meeting (see the principal thinking faces below), toured the principal’s office (where we picked up a special snack) and then headed to Art Class…a wee bit late.

After Art Class, I took the principal’s in training for a WELL DESERVED break in the teacher’s lounge. I delivered the first graders back to the classroom in time for them to complete agendas and pack up for the day.


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Champions Assembly

On Thursday of this week, we hosted the very talented Crevier Family from South Dakota.  Bruce, Diane and their nine children spun basketballs on their fingers, road unicycles, trained our staff to do ball catching tricks, and fed applesauce to four very brave student!  They entertained us for over an hour (two presentations back to back) and we were in awe of their skills.  If you watch this slide show with your children, I am sure that they will be able to share more than these photos portray!

Many thanks to our PTC for funding this assembly.  We appreciate ALL that you do for us.

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Pizza Lunch with A Special 2nd Grader

Over 120 students entered the October Blog Scavenger Hunt! The individual winner of this hunt was a very special second grader from Mrs. Greenlund’s classroom. I gave Jordyn the option of going anywhere for lunch and she chose to have JET’s Pizza with me at school.  (Jet’s makes frequent deliveries to our building!)


We ate our pizza and talked about fun topics that included Halloween candy totals, puppies, cousins, Thanksgiving celebrations and how much she loves her little sister.

Having lunch with Jordyn was the best part of my day on Thursday!

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Georgetown has  2 winners for the Holiday Poster Contest.  How exciting is this??!!  Our lucky winners are two second graders.  Jada Reahm won 1st place for second grade and Jessa Van Haitsma won 2nd place for second grade.  These two lucky girls get to ride on the trolley in the Hudsonville Holiday Parade!  Way to go girls!!!  : )ornament01

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Time is Running Out

Time is running out to stop the reduction of an additional $127 per student from our foundation allowance.

The State Aid Bill passed by the Legislature last month cut $165 from the foundation allowance and with the proposed additional $127 per-student reduction, schools across Michigan will experience a devastating cut of $292 per student in funding for the 2009-10 school year.

We have approximately ten days to communicate with our leaders in Lansing that these cuts to education are unacceptable.  For our parents and concerned citizens we have provided talking points and a presentation outlining the impact of the cuts to our HPS website.

  • If you have not contacted your legislator, PLEASE CLICK HERE to access the alert and send an email to your lawmakers telling them to take action and avert a proration.
  • If you have already sent an email or want to take further steps to push for action, please consider urging your board to pass a resolution in support of funding for education.  CLICK HERE to view a sample resolution that you can use a template.

In addition, we are asking individuals to join us on November 10 in Lansing to communicate directly with our elected officials.  Many public schools supporters are planning on this time and date to strengthen our message.

The proposed schedule includes:

  1. 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon – Meet at Capitol steps to hear the Governor and others speak
  2. 12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m. – Meet with your state legislators and let them know your expectations regarding their responsibility to fix the structural deficit in the School Aid Fund

State legislators for HPS are:

Rep. Dave Agema
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909

Rep. Joseph Haveman
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909

Sen. Wayne Kuipers
P.O. Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909
(p)(517) 373-6920

In conclusion, if you are planning on attending please email by Friday, November 6.  Thank you for your all you do for Hudsonville Public Schools.

Your voice is crucial if we are to reduce the cuts to K-12 education!

Nicholas Ceglarek, Superintendent for Hudsonville Public Schools

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Upcoming Activities…… Tae Kwon Do and Learn to Ice Skate

Tae Kwon Do is being offered for students ages 8 and  up.  It will be on Tuesday evenings starting December 1.  Please see the attached form or you may register online at  or call Community Ed at 669-7747.


Learn to Ice Skate is also being offered for children ages 3 and up.  It will be offered on Saturdays, starting November 28.    Please see the attached form or you may register online at or call Community Ed at 669-7747.


Thanks and have a great afternoon.

Mrs. Nurenberg  : )

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Swine Flu IQ

There are many rumors circulating about the H1N1 influenza virus.  Because of this, I appreciate news coverage that works to sort out fact from fiction.  Morning Edition brought together specialists to answer common questions about this flu virus that is helpful to read.purel

My daughter is home recovering from the H1N1 virus.  She has been very ill and as the article explains, children and young adults are being hit the hardest.  If your child has flu like symptoms it is the swine flu because this is the only flu around right now.   The “normal” flu season has not yet begun—which means we will continue to focus on PREVENTION at school this fall and winter.

Please make sure that you keep your child home from school if there is a fever and/or sore throat, and chronic dry cough.  If your child develops a fever at school, we will call and ask that you pick up your child up as soon as possible.

Thank you for help as we all work hard to keep our kids healthy.

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The Week Ahead 11/2/09

Our first week in November brings sugar withdrawl, a time change and parent/teacher conferences.  Check the schedule below for details about upcoming events…as well as your child’s classroom blog.

Due to a technical difficulties, the software responsible for our report card data crashed over the weekend.  Please be patient as we all work to develop reports to share during conferences.

Teachers very much look forward to sharing your child’s progress with you at conferences.  They put a great deal of time into preparing for these…and utilizing every minute of the time available.   I will be using the intercom system to announce the start/end time, attempting to help keep teachers and parents punctual.

Have a great week!

11 2 09 agenda

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