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A December Art Fair

Our art students have been working hard to create spectacular artwork for this fun event.  Your child’s artwork will be displayed in a beautiful mat and frame which can be purchased in the frame during the art fair.

There will be a make-n-take craft table with holiday cards and door prizes too!

Your child will be bringing home an Art Fair invitation soon – please return the RSVP card to school, since this will indicate the number of frames and supplies we need to order for the event.

Come celebrate your child’s creativity!

What:  Kids Art Fair
When: Tuesday, December 1st from 4-7 PM
Where: Georgetown Elementary Gym

Interested in helping with the Art Fair?  We need volunteers to help frame and set up our artwork, help during the event, and clean up after!  Please contact Mrs. Brouwer; or 797-9797 ext 22412.  Thanks!

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Report Card Technical Difficulties

tech diffWe were just informed by our Technology Department that the software responsible for our report card data base has crashed. The system will be down this weekend and likely into next week.

Our teachers want the most up to date marks on the report cards, and therefore, they use this weekend to finalize scores and add comments for each student. Within the last hour, they found out that they cannot access report cards—and will not be able to share the report card with you during conferences this coming week.  As you can imagine, this has been a very stressful Saturday morning for them.

Once the Powerschool software is repaired, report cards will be completed and sent home.  During conferences, teachers will be highlighting strengths and areas for growth and sharing work samples.

Thank you for understanding this technical predicament at a most unfortunate crunch time!

Mrs. Reagan

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Scavenger Hunt Winners

The winners of the October Scavenger Hunt are as follows:

  • Mrs. Stadt’s Class: Most students to participate in the blog hunt.  They will receive one hour of “Principal Time” in the coming week!
  • And, Jordyn, in Mrs. Greenlund’s class who will receive a gift card to Barnes and Noble and lunch OUT to a restaurant of her choice with the principal, Mrs. Reagan!

There were 120 students who participated in the scavenger hunt.  Each of the participates will be entered into the reading counts drawing…and this will take place on December 15.

Posted below is a slide show of the hour I spent with Mrs. McDonald’s class-–winners of the September Scavenger Hunt.   We spent an hour writing together in a top secret location.  See if you can tell from the photos where we were!

And…we will have one final scavenger hunt in November that is focused on teachers.  The prizes will be a little different with more chances to win.  Watch the blog for clues.

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School Funding Emergency

Time is running out.  Our Governor and legislative leaders in Lansing are proposing devastating cuts to public education.  In addition to the $165 per pupil cut to all public schools, the State Budget Director has notified school leaders another $127 per pupil cut is coming in less than 30 days.  The only way this will not happen is if our Governor and legislators can agree to a funding solution addressing the revenue shortfall.  To find out how to help prevent this funding crisis, please listen to my message and visit the links here:   FUNDING CRISIS

To find out more about the history of school funding, FIVE DAYS TO FIX SCHOOL FUNDING, GR PRESS

Nicholas Ceglarek, Superintendent

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Georgetown Township Fire Department
“Fire Coats 4 Kids- No Child Goes Cold”
Coat Giveaway Night

GTFD would like to extend an invitation to the families in Hudsonville and Jenison School Districts who are in need of winter clothing to come and join us at our Fire Station #2, 7518 Church St., on Tues., Nov. 10th from 6-8pm to receive a free winter coat.  We also have, snow pants, mittens, scarfs, and hats to giveaway. You can pick from a large selection.
Also come in for dinner!  Free pizza, courtesy of Papa Murphy’s, and pop will be served.
Please RSVP with your total coats needed, including gender and sizes to: 616-862-4001, or 616-706-4020.
If you are unable to make this event and are in need of winter clothing, please leave your information with your school secretary and we will bring it to your school.  Thanks so much.

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A Message From MR. ROB

The most incredible custodian in the entire world would like to share this message with all of you:

Thank you to those who have recycled their batteries here at Georgetown.

We have just filled our first 5 gallon bucket !!

Thats a lot of batteries that didn’t go to our landfill. : )

Way to go!!!   Keep recycling those batteries here at Georgetown.

If you have batteries to recycle, check this link for the type of battery and the drop off location.

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Our Permanent Art Collection

For the past three years, Mrs. Brouwer has selected art pieces to be housed in our permanent collection.  One art piece is selected for each grade—and these artists do not have a piece in the district art show.  In addition, Mrs. Brouwer selects pieces to honor particular artists each year.

During the 2006 year, eight art framed works were hung on our walls.   We honored Grace Thatcher–our heroic and artist third grades student in this collection.   Our second year (2007), we grew our permanent collection by nine pieces.  This5th art past week, we were thrilled to hang a piece for each grade plus honorary pieces for our two “international artists” and a celebratory collage honoring our 2008 fifth grade students.

It is important to note that Mrs. Brouwer makes a professional color copy of each art piece and creates a name plate complete with artist name, grade and photo.  Our PTC funds the matting and framing work — an investment that makes this collection possible.  Kandu Industries framed this year’s work and we are thrilled with the results.

I would like to encourage you to tour our building and browse our permanent collection.  We look forward to growing this for many years to come.

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The Flu: A Tool for Learning

With all the coverage about the flu, it is a great opportunity to learn new information.  Not my favorite topic of learning, I must admit — but I have stumbled upon some interesting articles.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a video showing how a virus spreads from one person to the next with one uncovered sneeze.   After watching this, you should be convinced to always sneeze into your elbow.   The video can be found here:   Your body on the fluflu

While driving home from school on Friday, I listened to the NPR segment Science Friday.  Ira Flatow interviewed research on the specifics of washing your hands appropriately.  I was reminded how critical it is to use soap for releasing the dirt and germs from the skin.  If you are interested, check out this podcast found here:  How to Wash Your Hands

And, a reminder: If your child has a fever, PLEASE do not send them back to school unless they have been fever free (with no meds) for 24 hours. The H1N1 virus that is moving through our school is very contagious.  We are working as hard as we can to keep all surfaces clean.  Please help us by keeping your sick ones home.

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