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Final Week of School

It is hard to believe that we have been in school for 36 weeks!  It has been a full and productive year, with exciting events (from learning celebrations to service projects) that have created many fond memories.  I know that I do not thank you for your parent support enough.  Our school community would not be as rich in learning experiences without the involvement and support of you (through your parenting) and the parent club activities — a top notch group of parents to work with!

Throughout the summer months, I will update the blog as schedules are developed.  In addition, we will post school supply lists on teacher sites with links from this blog to the teacher blogs.

More to come later this week with highlights of our closing activities.  Below is a list of our weekly events.  There are many more events listed on the classroom blogs.

Mon 6/1  Day 3
Fifth Grade Celebration

Tues 6/2  Day 1
Field Day Grades 4/5 at Stadium

Wed 6/3  Day 2
RAIN DAY for 4/5 Field Day

Thurs 6/4 Day 3
Dismissal at 1 pm

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Weekly Events, 5-26-09

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Weekend! If you stayed in the West Michigan area, we had one of the best holiday weather weekends in many years. After this cold, windy and wet spring, we deserved it.

I can’t believe that we have just four days this week, and 3 and a half days next week. The year is winding down at the speed of light. A few details to keep in mind:

1. If your child has medications at school, these must be picked up from the office no later than June 5, 2009 at 2 pm.  Medications CANNOT be sent home with children.  These must be picked up by an adult.  All medications that are left at school will be disposed of.

2.  Your child’s teacher for next year will be noted on the report card.  Report cards will be mailed home on June 8, 2009.

3.  Class lists for the 2009-10 school year will be posted on the MPR windows on June 15, 2009.  We have spent over 100 hours creating these lists using your input (profile form) and teacher input.  It is an intensive process that we take very seriously.

4.  Lockers will be emptied out during the final week of school.  We will also have lost & found items out for viewing during the final days.  Encourage your child to search for any/all items that may be missing at home and possibly at school!

5.  I will keep the blog updated throughout the summer.  Also, please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions during the summer months.

The events for this week are below.  Remember to check your child’s class blog for details about more specific classroom events.

Mrs. Reagan

Tues 5/26 Day 2
Music Therapy:  ECSE, CI in MPR 1:30-3:00 pm

Wed  5/27 Day 3
Happy Wednesday!

Thurs 5/28 Day 1
Final Day ECSE

Friday 5/29  Day 2

Upcoming Events
6/1  5th Grade Celebration
6/2  4th & 5th Field Day:  BMS (Stadium)
6/4  Final Day of School – Dismissal at 1 pm  (Lunch at School)

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The British Spend a Week at our School

During the week of May 19, 2009, we were honored to host nine student teachers from Liverpool Hope University. These student teachers participated in a Hope College May Term student exchange experience, and our school was one of the host sites.

Each student teacher was placed in a classroom for one week to learn as much as possible about the American educational system. You can view this slide show to meet each of them. Many thanks to Hope College for allowing us to host these AWESOME and BRILLIANT individuals! We will miss them!

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Sharing Our Hair

In honor of Grace Thatcher, several of our students and staff grew their hair for one full year so that it could be CUT and DONATED to Covering Young Heads to Heal Young Hearts.  We honored each person with an all school assembly that included a countdown to the cutting of braids and pony tails.  You can read more about the event in the Grand Rapids Press article by Matt Vande Bunte.

Many thanks to Cheri Stacey and Susie Coxen who organized this event.  We also want to thank the following businesses for their support of this event:

Salon Nouveau and all the stylists who came to cut hair at the event.

Douglas J Institute who donated 17 free hair cuts and 3 pedicures.

New 4 U who donated 4 purses w/ earrings and three $10 gift certificates (a new re‑sale shop in downtown Hudsonville on next to Gemmen’s.

Shelby Styf
Jacki Marshall
Naomi Klooster
Kayla  Wolma
Becky Bart (Bauer Student)
Nicole Maleski
Linnea Conkel
Victoria Walter
Grace Doty
Sydnea Dandurand
Hope Assink
Elizabeth Ball
Maddie Baar
Brianna Smith
Dakota Brower (BMS)
Sydney Segard
Chloe Patrick

Char Greenland
Stephanie Morningstar
Sherri Orell

Donation Recognition:
Olivia Volpe
Taylor Wieringa
Sydney Wieringa
Kristin Huyser (adult)
Daniel Maleski
Madison Jones
Riley Boss
Jessica Droese-Garcia
Kate Stacey
MacKenzie Lyons
Cheri Stacey (adult)
Krista Lawrence (adult)
Susie Coxen  (adult)
Cindy Roerig  (adult)
Kari King   (adult)
Maria Maldonado

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Reading Counts Celebration

The Georgetown Elementary 2008-2009 Reading Counts program was a tremendous success with 285 students (2nd thru 5th graders) achieving their reading goals! It has been exciting seeing all the extra reading being done and watching as students reached their goals throughout the school year.  Special congratulation to the following classes for having the whole class reach 100% of their goals:  Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Greenlund, Mrs. Quigley, Mrs. Flory, Mrs. McDonald, and Ms. VanArkel.  We are extremely proud of all our Readers!

As this was a reading party, a variety of books were raffled for awards.  The winners were:  Andrew Martinie, Naomi Gatling, Carson Price, Evan Ford, Brendan Bentley, Kyle Hamby, Zach Budzyn, Ryan Yonker, Laura Boonstra, Nolan Petroelje, Morgan Seaver, Alyssa Ritz, and Baylie Smith.  Keep up the reading!!

Party Highlights:  crab races; relays with bobbers and fish nets; sea shell bracelets/necklaces; even fish food treats! Also, an under the sea adventure with our very own Georgetown parent, Laura Coombs!  Thank you, Ms Coombs!

Also, thank you to those who volunteered to help plan and run the final Reading Counts Party on Friday:  Richard Applebee, Michelle Baareman, Angie Barrios, Tim Barrios, Kelly Barz, Jackie Boeve, Sarah Budzn, Laura Coombs, Michele DeWinter, Pam Eggers, Liz Fetkenhour, Jamie Ham, Kelly Keur, Kari King, Lisa Mulder, Staci Niebor, Christine O’Connel, Regina Smith, Tim Smith, Cindy Tiesman, Mr. Bowen, Mrs. Greenlund, Mrs. Quigley, Mrs. Flory, Mrs. McDonald, Ms. VanArkel, Mrs. Bouwens, and Mrs. VandenBurg.

I personally extend an extra big “THANK YOU” to ALL the volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to help with the Reading Counts Program!  Your help is truly appreciated!! This wonderful program certainly would not be possible without the dedication of many volunteers.  I thank you and am sure that our students thank you!

Final Reading Counts Celebration

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A Fun & Successful Carnival!

The PTC organized and ran a fun school carnival this past Saturday (May 14, 2009).  Due to high winds and chilly temperatures, it was moved inside.  The design of the building, allow with the outstanding organization of Fun Services, created a perfect indoor carnival experience.  Many thanks to all who set up this event and ALL that attended–including the BMS honor students who helped run events!

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