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Father/Daughter Dance Thank You

enchThe evening was a great success as a result of the many people who came together! Because of all your help, the ENCHANTED EVENING was a fantastic time for fathers and daughters to spend time together.

I would love to acknowledge the following people:

  • Mrs. Reagan for allowing us such flexible usage of the building and setup times.
  • Mr. Rob for everything, especially putting up with the glitter! (I promise NO glitter next time.) And EVERYTHING else that you do that we don’t even know about.
  • The Georgetown PTC for your support.
  • Angie and Doni for fielding all the parent questions and collecting forms in the office for us.
  • PE teachers for loaning us their hula hoops and orange cones.
  • Thank you to our DJ Greg Rios for his awesomeness! And telling 100+ girls what his name is because I made it a question on the scavenger hunt. Ha!
  • Thanks to our photographer McConomy Photography. We can’t wait to see the pictures.
  • Robyn Smit for 300 delicious, fresh-baked cupcakes.
  • To my co-chair Stacey Alexander for contacting dozens of companies and getting donations for raffle prizes. And for enduring the swarm of girls around the raffle table.
  • A special thanks to our boys Spencer Alexander and his friend CJ for enduring their Tux’s, announcing the girl’s names and pitching in with the games!
  • To Mindy Jeltema for solving the “big” bracelet issue (they’re anklets too!) and being my “go-to” girl! You ROCK!
  • Staci Nieboer for being willing to do anything and everything including clapping for almost 2 hours because the kids couldn’t hear the music for our Musical Thrones game. And for saving your Grandma’s jewelry so we had some fun clip-on earrings for the Dad’s to wear for dress-up.
  • Linda Verburg for being our fruit kabob leader and Hula Hoop helper.  Thanks for hanging in there when I forgot to rotate you to a different game! Oh, and let’s not forget expert duct tape ripper!
  • Jodie Harris for being our popcorn master! You DEFINITELY earned your pay.
  • Melissa Pell who was a trooper picking up and delivering 120 balloons! Thanks for your high heel shoes, too. I hope they are still in tact.
  • My errand girls: Mindy Jeltema, Stacey Alexander, Kathy Everts, and Michelle Walker!
  • Brenda Zuverink for being the photo helper and writing down 172 (my best guess) girls names and of course your Treasury duties and availability.
  • Renee Baar for climbing tall ladders and hanging christmas lights.
  • Cindy and Jamie for welcoming all of our pretty girls to the dance and pouring endless drinks.
  • Our Dad’s Mr. Alexander, Mr. Verburg, Mr. Pell and Mr. Troyer who stuck around and helped cleanup.
  • For food donation or setup: Regina Smith, Shannon Foley, Sara Baker, Julie Reifschneider.
  • To all of the dad’s for making the night fun, wearing high heel shoes, makeup and feather boa’s, and showing us your best air guitar.
Donation Recognition:
  • Micandy Gardens
  • Costco
  • Lowes (specifically the regional manager Charlie and his wife Yvonne Clark)
  • White Caps
  • Grand Valley Basketball
  • Thousand Oaks Golf Club
  • Old Orchard Juice
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Design One
  • Olive Garden

Amanda Troyer

Future Mother-Son event planner…wanna help?
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A very short week ahead…Nov 22 & 23

glass globe with pilgim at thanksgiving harvest animated gifWe will be in school for just two days this coming week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.    I had hoped to have a scavenger hunt before the holiday, but this one snuck up on me!

Some of the fun links I had plan to share when I kicked off the scavenger hunt are still worthy of posting for your reading (and voting) pleasure.

If you are interested in finding out more about Thanksgiving, the History Channel website is full of resources.   Of course, there is the History of Thanksgiving but also check out the Mayflower Reconstructed.

Visit the  TURKEY FACTS site to brush up on your turkey knowledge.  My favorite fact:  Wild turkey’s sleep in trees at night.

And, speaking of turkeys, take the poll below to let us know if you eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner or not.    I know one family that eats a traditional dinner of roasted duck and another of homemade pasta and sauce.  This poll doesn’t permit everyone to tell what they eat..but gives us an idea of who eats turkey ….or something else!

Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends…be well!

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Miss Taber’s Class Does It Again!

pizza-sliceThe Jet’s top money earner for our school PTC pizza night was Miss Taber’s 1st grade classroom!  As winners of the contest, they will have a pizza lunch (compliments of JET’s PIZZA).

This is the fourth school wide competition Miss Taber’s class has won:  Marco’s Pizza Night, JET’s Pizza Night, October Scavenger Hunt and Box Top Winners.

This group of first graders (and their parents) are doing  a fabulous job supporting our PTC and showing true blue Georgetown school spirit!

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Candy Corn Winners!

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Over 90 students participated in our CANDY CORN SCAVENGER HUNT

This is pretty amazing and of course I was thrilled that you found the time to visit the blogs with your children.

I found a great candy corn sale at Walgreens, so instead of five randomly drawn winners, I drew 12 winners.   The winners of the candy corn bags are:  Gerrit Klyn, Cade Schoonbeck, Ellise Crowley, Colby Hogle, Brayden Schoonbeck, Brenden Tockstein, Spencer VanTol, Emma Everts, Melia Brewer, Jordan Holiday, Quinn Baar and Samantha Missad.

Two classes tied for the most students to complete the scavenger hunt. Each class wins an extra recess supervised by ME!  The winning classes are:

gerrit klyn
Cade Schoonbeck
Ellise Crowley
Colby Hogle
Brayden Schoonbeck
Brenden Tockstein
Spencer VanTol
emma everts
Melia Brewer
Jordan Holiday
Quinn Baar
Samantha Missad

Mrs Kuieck’s 2nd Grade Class and  Miss Taber’s 1st Grade Class

Have a great Halloween weekend!

Mrs. Reagan

PS:  Next scavenger hunt will be just before Thanksgiving and involve an animal that has wings but doesn’t fly very well.

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Looking for Candy Corn?

There are dancing candy corn images hiding on our school blogs.
Your job is to find at least five of them by October 29.

Visit a class blog.
Type  the words candy corn into the search bar.
When you find the candy corn, write down the blog’s teacher name.
Keep searching until you find five blogs with candy corn images.
The winners will be determined as follows:

  • ONE Student winner = lunch with Mrs. Reagan and Barnes & Noble gift card.
  • ONE Winning class will receive an extra recess with Mrs. Reagan
  • Five winners will receive a bag of candy corn each.

As of today, the classes in the lead are Mr. Kooiker, Miss Taber, Mrs. Bohl and Miss VanArkel!

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We have something to say….JUST WRITE!

jw logo

If you haven’t heard, one of the most important all school celebrations is fast approaching.  The week of May 24-28 is our opportunity to honor 600 writers–students in grades PK-5, teachers and the principal.   This will be our fourth annual celebration.

The week is organized into classroom celebrations which include a reading of their stories, tour of posted poster stories displayed throughout the building, and a scavenger hunt.  Parents and special guests are invited to attend these events.  Each teacher will be posting their celebration/tour time on their classroom blogs.


In addition to the tours of student writing pieces (displayed on lockers) and specially selected poster stories on display throughout the hallways, the rotunda will also be filled with published classroom anthologies.  During the past two years, writers select their best piece to be published through an online book site called  Please take time to see our publications in the rotunda.   We will be sure to send you the link to our published stories once we have these on the lulu site.

We also have a tradition of wearing special designed Just Write T-Shirts on that day.  If you would like to purchase one for your child, you can download the order form and send this into the office.  Just Write T-Shirt Order Form We will accept orders through May 5.

If you would like to view a photo video from last years celebration, visit the MAY 2009 blog post.

We look forward to celebrating our writing work with you.

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Our First Snow Day

It is December 4th and we are experiencing our first snow day of this school year!  Use this day to relax, play in the snow and participate in the BLOG SCAVENGER HUNT! We will have our drawing on Monday…so that gives you three extra days to get it done.snow day

A tip for finding the “silly” scavenger hunt posts on each blog:  TYPE THE WORD  silly OR scavenger hunt INTO THE SEARCH BAR OF EACH BLOG.   By doing this, you should pull up the post you are looking for!

Enjoy the snow and the day to play.

Mrs. Reagan

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Thanksgiving Week Ahead

We have a very short week with school on Monday and Tuesday.  The remainder of the week is devoted to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Week nov 23

For those who follow our blog outside the United States, visit this excellent post about the history of Thanksgiving. And, for those of you who have not had a refresher course on this holiday,  you might find yourself learning some new facts to share around the Thanksgiving table later this week.  For those who think they know everything, test your turkey knowledge with this quiz.

If you find your family members are bored and in need of something to do, show them our blogs.  I added a new feature (the revolving globe to the right) that shows your location on the map as well as visitors from around the world.

And, to really spice up the family gathering, take your family on the BLOG SCAVENGER HUNT. This month we are sharing silly stories about silly things we have done in our lives.   Everyone is a winner in this contest.  Students will be entered in the Reading Counts drawing just for participating.  Other prizes will be offered too.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  Drive safely, eat well and savor the special moments.

Mrs. Reagan

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This Week and Next: Events 11/16/09

I am including a snapshot of school events for the next 7 school days.   We have a full week of school this week, and due to Thanksgiving break, just two days in the following week.

Please remember to check your child’s classroom blog  for specific details about upcoming events!

Also, keep in mind that we have launched our third blog scavenger hunt. This hunt introduces you to silly things that Georgetown staff and teachers do…posts sure to put a smile on your face.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Reagan

Event nov 16