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Appreciation for our Solar Lights

In November, we engaged in a school wide service project called,  Mindful Giving.  This special project was a school wide endeavor with a focus on donating non-perishable items for our local Water of Life Food Pantry and the donation of $2 per child to support our global project, supplying solar lights for a school in  Uganda Africa.

Your donations brought in enough money to   purchase 48 lights for the teachers and staff at Nyaka School.

Ali Portilo, the director of the K LIGHT project provided photos (above) of the staff receiving their lights.  It is a remarkable series of photos that demonstrate our ability to change lives through our mindful giving.  Thank you to everyone for making this possible!

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A Tattoo’ed Mrs. Reagan?

One way to get noticed as a principal is to get a tattoo!   As shown in the photo below, I now have a beautiful henna tattoo that runs from my upper right arm down to my the end of my index finger.  The tattoo looks very elegant and lace like in design.  The other elegant arm in this photo belongs to my daughter, Kelsey.


We attended a wedding shower for a friend of ours who is engaged to a man from Sudan, a country in Northeastern Africa.  His mother hosted a traditional Sudanese shower in which the women receive elegant henna designs. The henna is thought to bring luck, joy and beauty to the bride.  The artist, a beautiful, wise woman from Sudan effortlessly painted magnificent free-hand patterns for each woman at the shower.

The unfortunate part of the henna design is that it fades over time.  Within three weeks it will be gone — yet we have gained a new understanding and appreciation for the cultural traditions of another country in our world.  It was an amazing experience be  a part of this time honored tradition.

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A Shout Out to Ethiopia…and Mrs. Fabbro!

It is official!  We have had our first internet visitor from the continent of Africa.  This mysterious visitor logged in from Ethiopia, located on the eastern edge of Africa, situated in the Horn of Africa.  I suspect that Mrs. Fabbro, one of our fabulous Georgetown parents, had something to do this with this visit.   Many thanks to you, Mrs. Fabbro and the mystery visitor from Ethiopia.  You made this techie principal very happy.

To view some fun maps of Ethiopia and learn about this fascinating country, click on 3D Earth