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Extra Credit Snow Day Reading

Snow day readers: Nora (2-CG), Lorenzo (4-CB), Caleb (2-CG), Aiden (4-CB)

Tired of these snow days?  Missing that great feeling of LEARNING at SCHOOL?  If so, find a book and start some snow day reading.   Send an email to Mrs. Reagan ( or your teacher with the title of the book — feel free to send a photo, too.  Every time you send me a photo of a book,  I will give you an extra 200 words toward your millionaire word count.  Each book you read counts for 200 words.

You will also get your name added to the end of the year READING COUNTS prize drawing.  Every time you finish a book this year, your name is added…so this is a snow day bonus.

Be safe…stay warm and happy reading!


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Venus and the Sun

Aidan Waters-Umfleet and his dad went out to Grand Haven on Tuesday night to see the transit of Venus across the sun. Aidan’s telescope has a special filter on it that let him look right at the sun. We won’t see this again for another 105 years!
See that peppercorn on the egg yolk? That’s Venus.
Do you see the smaller spots?  Those are sun spots.
Thank you Dr. Umfleet and Aiden!  This is an amazing photo!

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Summer Surprise!

One of my favorite parts of summer involves going to special events — especially those that help me connect with family and friends.  Two weeks ago, my niece invited me to watch her celebration performance at the end of her Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Camp for Kids.  While waiting for the show to begin, I ran into one of our 2009 Talent Show MC’s, Cielle!  She was also performing in the Civic production.

Cielle’s brother Aiden and her good friend Greta were also attending.  It was a wonderful surprise to see three Georgetown students in the middle of the summer while also watching my niece perform.  The performance was great fun to watch!

I hope you are having a great summer with family and friends…and you never know…I might run into you somewhere soon!