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More Than Lip Service

If you read the Grand Rapids Press in paper form or online, you likely noticed the the catchygirl scouts title, MORE THAN LIP SERVICE on the front of the Region Section tonight.  If you missed the title, I know that the photo of Alaina and Happy caught your eye.  And, if you missed that, you have ME in your life to share it with you!

During several weeks this fall, Alaina DuPuys and Happy Bainbridge asked students and staff to donate scented chap sticks for their Girl Scout service project.  This project was tremendously successful with a collection total of 1,300 chap sticks.  Both girls earned their Bronze Badge AND learned some incredible lessons by organizing and executing this project.  The chap sticks were donated to DeVos Children’s Hospital where they are used to scent anesthesia masks for medical procedures and also to coat dry lips of children who have had multiple procedures done to get healthy again.

There are many families and students from our school that have been touched by the incredible nurses and doctors at DeVos Children’s Hospital.  This coming weekend, the hospital will re-open in an entirely new facility–designed to support children and their families even better.  A community open house will be held on December 4 for all those interested in seeing the facility and all it has to offer.