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Carnival Highlights

Our 2012-13 Carnival was perfect….great attendance and ideal weather for a Friday in May.  While moving from one activity to another, I spent time talking with families and took a few photos!

Many thanks to all the parents who volunteered to help with ticket sales and take down, clean up.  HUGE thanks to Stacey Alexander for organization of this great event.

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PJ Day is the BEST!

Madelin and Ben

We started the day off with a time change and dark story skies.  Most of the kids were covered in rain drops and they entered the building.  This ended up being the perfect day for PJ DAY!

When I wasn’t in meetings or reading Love that Dog to a special group of second graders, I wandered about the building to take photos of PJ clad children.

Enjoy this video.  And….go to bed early tonight to help your body adjust to the time change!

Mrs. Reagan

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Our Second Week

We did it!  We completed our first week of school.  If you are a parent of a pre-kindergartener, kindergartener or first grader, you were probably amazed at how tired your child was after the first few days.  Even our most seasoned learners (grades 2-5), may have been more tired as a result of rising earlier and the hard work that goes into following the school routines and learning.  Please take some time to watch our first video of the new year which is at the top of this post.

It was an incredible first week…one of our best first weeks ever.  Every single staff member was out and about helping with school arrival, hallway transition, the lunchroom and end of the day departure.  Georgetown truly has an amazing staff who are willing to do whatever it takes to help every single child feel safe and comfortable at school.

As we look ahead to our first five day week, you will see that a Parent Club meeting will be held on Thursday from 6:30-7:30 in our Media Center.  We will be discussing the ALL SCHOOL WALK-A-THON and other upcoming events.  The WALK-A-THON is our major fund raiser for the year and takes place on September 21 (MW PK/K/ECSE) and 22 (ALL SCHOOL).  Information about this will arrive home this week.  We are hoping that each family can contribute to this very important fundraising event.