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A Big THANK YOU to Our Parents!

13The entire staff of Georgetown would like to extend sincere thanks to our Parent Club and all of the parents who helped appreciate us last week.  Mrs. Wendy Huizinga and her team outfitted us with cowboy hats, red paisley scarves and fed us some nice warm meals and showered us with some mighty fine gifts.

Throughout the building WANTED POSTERS were displayed of each staff member.  One of the most authentic cowboy teachers can be found to the left, Mr. B who by the looks of it, could round-up a steer or two while teaching a science lesson.

By the end of the week, we were so spoiled and felt gosh darn lucky to have the parent support we have at Georgetown.

Check out the photos below of a few staff posing western style!

Warmly, Mrs. Reagan and the staff of Georgetown

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Many Thanks, Georgetown Parent Club!

Garden BallThroughout last week,  we were pampered by a team of parents for Staff Appreciation Week.  The week kicked off with a “star studded” breakfast which included a star walk of fame, movie feature posters (thank you, Amanda Troyer for your photographer editing skills) and delicious food.

We were also treated to lunch on Wednesday and Friday…in addition to notes of appreciation that mean more than you will ever know.   The gift cards and post-it notes were both such great surprises–and know that these will be put to good use, particularly at the end of the year when we are trying to make ends meet.

I have included a photo of the garden gazing ball that I received.  While working in my garden today, I found the ideal spot to showcase this gift.  This is the perfect gift for me…and combines my love for this school with my love for my gardens.

Thank you, parents, for all you did for us this past week…and all you do for us while we work so hard to grow your children as learners.   Mrs. Reagan and the entire Georgetown Staff

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Parent Club: YOU ROCK!

The week of May 4-11, the staff of Georgetown was treated like royalty by the Georgetown PTC.  The week opened with an appreciation breakfast–sponsored by Wheaties!   As the week progressed, we were served pizza and salad, treated to honorary chocolate bars, presented with one of a kind note paper, gifted with ELECTRIC PENCIL SHARPENERS, and served a Panera’s lunch.  I even received two of my favorite treats…brownies (oh how I love brownies) and a pot of flowers that look beautiful on my patio.  It was absolutely incredible!  Many thanks to all of you who supported us last week and every single week of the year.  We could not do all that we do for your children without your support!

Mrs. Reagan and the Staff of Georgetown

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Volunteers…We Thank You!

To All of Our Incredible, Wonderful, Invaluable Volunteers:

We, the entire Georgetown staff, want you to know that you are an essential part of our learning community.  Without you, we would not be able to…

• celebrate and honor our student artists with displays of their craft throughout the year.
• reach the ability levels of learners in reading, writing and math (Reading Counts, Baggie Books, Web  Reading, Project Learning and much more!)

• acknowledge birthdays each month  in the rotunda.

• safely offer field trips to varied destinations at each grade.

• support our learners in need of ole models for problem solving and decision making  (Kid’s Hope, Buddy Reading, Recess Games).

• offer parent/child activities that are safe, fun and full of memories.

And the list of student support goes on and on.  You help us with “behind the scenes” support of teaching and learning by running copies, stapling books, sorting projects and hanging posters — and much more!

We, the staff of Georgetown, believe that because of your support our students are better prepared to learn and we are then able to do more to reach tthe varied social, emotional and academic needs of all our students.

Our deepest thanks to each and everyone of you for the time you give to us and all the students at Georgetown!

You are invited to a VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION performance  at our Talent Shows on May 14, 2009 (10 am and repeated at 2 pm).  If you are unable to make this performance, you will be able to view this on our blog!

Many thanks, Mrs. Reagan and the entire Georgetown Staff!