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The Half Way Mark: Week 20 of School

Where is this year going?   We are half way through the 2009-10 school year–and to me it seems that it is flying by!  As we look ahead to this week, please note that our all school PJ and Popcorn Day is this coming Friday!

In addition, the first parent meeting regarding changes in the programing for the Cognitively Impaired Program will be held at Park Elementary on Thursday at 4 pm.  An additional meeting will be held on February 1 at 7 pm.  The topic of the meetings will be identical.

Many, many thanks to all of you have contributed to the “SHOUT OUTS” for donations these past few weeks.  Every small donation for the Haiti victims, Takin’ Down Cancer Coin War and Bustin’ Through Books Collection is appreciated.

If you would like to donate to our Bustin’ Through Books collection, we are still taking $1.00 per student for books, old vinyl bean bags, and old books!  If you are a father who would like to read with the students during their reading time, complete our form online.

Two of our incredible Georgetown families have been in the news these past two weeks.  If you have missed the coverage , you can find links here:  Megan Assink, a survivor of Pompe’s Disease, and her family have been covered by many media outlets.  In addition, the Randolf Family welcomed home their forever adopted children from Haiti on Friday night.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

week 20

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Megan Assink is a STAR!

Megan, a second grader in Mrs. Greenlund’s class, is a star in our hearts–and now a star in Megan Starthe local media!  As her friend Allyson wrote, “Megan is a star because there is a movie kind of like Megan.”  That movie, Extraordinary Measures, is a true story of a family’s fight (the Crowley’s) for the development and approval of a drug to treat Pompe’s Disease which affected his two children and also affects our Megan as well.

Megan and her family have been featured by the following media services:

Fox News


And…the  Grand Rapids Press (1/16/2010). You can also view photos of Megan and her friends in the GR Press photo gallery.

Movie trailer for Extraordinary Measures