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Those Babies Grow Up So Fast!

Mrs. Bohl, one of our kindergarten teachers, has had a very special summer.  Her oldest daughter, Hannah, was married in July.

When I first met Mrs. Bohl, Hannah was in middle school.  It seems like I was just hearing about Hannah’s transition to high school, high school graduation, transition to college and college graduation.

Mrs. Bohl has more photos posted on her class blog of Hannah, her husband and the bridal party.  In all the photos, Hannah looks like a princess — and Mr. and Mrs. Bohl look very happy.

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Holiday Program Performance: Grades PK and K

Featured below is an uploaded version of our PreK and K classes performing during our fourth annual Holiday Program on December 17, 2009. It is not the same high quality of the DVD which many of your have ordered, but it is still a nice way to share the incredible work done by our students and our music teachers, Mrs. Bretz and Mrs. Whitenight. The 3rd grade classrooms featured: Mrs. Estefan, Mrs. Bohl, Mrs. Weiss, and Mrs. Nederveld. I hope you enjoy this video!

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Marco’s Pizza Winners

marcosMany thanks to Marco’s Pizza for providing lunch to the following classrooms:  Mrs. Bouwens (5th), Mrs. Burdis (5th), Mrs. Bohl (K) and Mrs. VanderPloeg (ECSE).   These classrooms had the most families participate in Marco’s Pizza Nights.

Thank you to all the parents who support this event AND all of our PTC sponsored activities!  Thank you to Scott, the manager of Marcos for his incredible support of Georgetown.  We think you’re pretty great, Scott.